Annaliese Puccini on Bachelor in Paradise: What you need to know

Annaliese Puccini
Annaliese Puccini wants to find her forever man in Mexico — Pic credit: ABC

Annaliese Puccini may not have planned to find Instagram fame after appearing on The Bachelor last year. Or maybe she was one of the contestants who wanted to get enough followers to start a blog.

It’s hard to say, but some girls are often mocked for going on the show in hopes of getting enough fame and attention to start a blog, become Instagram famous and survive on ads.

Several former contestants really want to change their lives after appearing on the show, and it sounds like Annaliese Puccini has managed to make it happen. On social media, Annaliese is all about the photos.

The posing, the likes and the attention she gets. Anneliese seems to be very active on Instagram and with almost 20,000 followers, one can imagine she can make quite the pay for an ad.

But don’t find Annaliese Puccini glued to her computer. Based on her Instagram account, it sounds like she loves to travel.

She recently posed in front of a mountain, revealing that she was loving some time on the slopes. Who can blame her? Whoever wants to get to know her better, should really love the outdoors.

Plus, Annaliese Puccini really likes to promote the projects she’s doing, including Bachelor In Paradise. Where some of the stars of this season only have one or two posts about the show, she has quite a few. Plus, she’s been using photos from the show to write simple messages about her life.

There are already some male models in Mexico, waiting to meet Annaliese. Hopefully, they can all put their individual fame behind them and focus on why they are there.

What do you think about Annaliese Puccini finding love in Mexico? Do you think Bachelor In Paradise will work for her?

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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