Anna Redman flaunts her backside on the beach  

Anna Redman
Bachelor Nation’s Anna Redman. Pic credit: @anna_redman/Instagram

Anna Redman has been enjoying the beach and showing off her summer body. 

Taking a break from her couple posts with Bachelor Nation boyfriend Chris Bukowski, Anna took some time to share solo shots. 

Wearing an open-back dress, Anna posed by the ocean. 

Anna Redman wears flowy dress for beach photos 

Anna Redman took to her Instagram to share several photos on the beach of Villa La Valencia. 

The opening photo featured Anna facing away from the camera as she stared at the gorgeous deep blue ocean and sky. 

Anna wore a dress with an open back. Anna’s dress and hair blew in the wind in the photo. 

The second photo featured Anna looking back at the camera to view her face. The third and fourth photos gave a view of her side profile and backside as she enjoyed the beautiful environment. 

Anna captioned her post with Taylor Swift lyrics from the song Wildest Dreams, writing, “standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe.” 

Anna also included her boyfriend Chris Bukowski in her beach day posts. 

Chris and Anna shared a video of them in amusingly stiff poses on the beach as they stared down at the camera. It’s clear the two have a playful relationship as they navigate being influencers. 

Anna suggested alcohol was involved in the making of the video writing, “Three Marges deep:” 

Anna Redman and Chris Bukowski hard launched with a kiss 

Anna and Chris went public with their relationship eight weeks ago, shocking Bachelor Nation. 

Anna shared a photo of her and Chris kissing on a beach in Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica, making it crystal clear that the two had become an item. 

Chris and Anna have been going strong since, as they travel and show off their sense of fashion to their growing fan base. 

The couple attended the Kentucky Derby earlier this year, where they both got dressed up in formal Derby attire. 

Anna also shared that she’s not bothered by the fact that her social media engagement goes up more when her posts include Chris, as she figured it’s part of the territory, especially since their fanbase primarily consists of Bachelor Nation fans. 

Anna and Chris continue to let fan’s in on their lives as their love grows and social media popularity grows. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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