Anna Campisi shares weight-loss results of gastric sleeve surgery one month after procedure

Anna Campisi IG selfie March 2022
Anna snaps a selfie to promote her businesses. Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

90 Day Fiance alum Anna Campisi is proudly showing off her new figure since undergoing weight loss surgery last month.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Anna had gastric sleeve surgery in April 2023.

Anna, 39, traveled to her husband Mursel Mistanoglu’s native country of Turkey to have the operation performed by “Dr. Obesity.”

The surgery involves removing a portion of the stomach and fashioning the remaining portion into a narrow tube, also called a sleeve.

Following the laparoscopic procedure, Anna was quickly on her feet and walking the halls of the hospital.

Anna is well on her way to being fully healed and has shared her progress so far.

90 Day Fiance alum Anna Campisi has lost 30 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery

On her Instagram feed this week, Anna updated her 331,000 followers in a Reel she recorded from her Nebraska home.

“Hey, you guys! I am about a month post-op from my gastric sleeve surgery. I am down 30 pounds so far, which is awesome. I don’t think I’ve been this weight … it’s been about two years, so I feel pretty good,” Anna said with a smile.

Anna said that for the time being, she’s sticking to soft foods like moistened chicken breast and hummus, which she calls her “go-to’s.”

The mom of four shared that she had one incident since surgery that made her sick. After eating some pre-packaged chicken, she said that she felt crampy and ended up vomiting, so she’s sticking to foods that are as bland and unseasoned as possible for now.

“But, overall, I’m doing good. I’m feeling good,” Anna continued. “I can’t wait til the six-week mark so I can start going to the gym or doing some workouts besides walking. Yeah, everything’s going great.”

In the comments section of her post, Anna answered some questions from several curious followers.

Anna’s overall health has improved and her recovery has been ‘smooth’

In response to one fan who’s considering undergoing the same surgery, Anna revealed that she only had pain “the first 8 hours after surgery” and said afterward, her pain level was “pretty low.”

anna campisi talks about weight loss surgery on instagram
Anna talks about her pain levels following surgery. Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

In another comment, Anna told a fan that the toughest part of her weight loss journey has been “not being able to enjoy food” due to the limitations post-op.

anna campisi talks about weight loss surgery on instagram
Anna is struggling with not being able to enjoy food. Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

And it looks as though Anna’s surgery is not only helping her lose weight but also improving her health. She told another fan that she just had bloodwork done and “everything is normal.”

anna campisi talks about weight loss surgery on instagram
Anna’s bloodwork is all normal. Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

While Anna continues to recover from her surgery, she and Mursel have been staying busy with their business.

The beekeepers recently set up a tent at a local Renaissance Festival where they sold their products, including honey, baklava, beeswax melts and candles, soap, and tea.

Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All airs on Sunday, May 21 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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