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Anna and Mursel on 90 Day Fiance: Beekeeping brought them together but how will he do with the kids?

Mursel and Anna on 90 Day Fiance
Anna and Mursel bonded and fell in love over their dedication to bees. Pic credit: TLC

Anna and Mursel bonded over bees but that might be all they have in common — except for their age. Both of the newest 90 Day Fiance cast members are 38 years old but their similarities may just end right there.

One that Anna and Mursel don’t have in common is religion and it’s going to be a problem because his family doesn’t believe in premarital sex and he’s hesitant to tell anyone that his new fiancee has three sons.

There’s also the issue of language. Anna speaks fluent English and Mursel speaks Turkish. They can each speak enough of each other’s language to have basic conversations but nothing deep. For that, they use a translator app, giving off Paul and Karine vibes.

If one can master the other’s language this relationship could go a lot smoother and with fewer misunderstandings.

Anna shared that she met Mursel in a beekeeping group and they got to know each other online over time. Their connection was so strong that Mursel proposed sight unseen, only meeting Anna much later when she traveled to see him.

Now, Mursel is coming to Bellevue, Kansas to spend his life beekeeping with Anna and her three sons. And while Mursel’s secret that Anna has kids is a huge red flag, their hesitation to have him enter their lives is another.

The boys are afraid that Mursel will move in and immediately try to take over and control them, It’s not something they want. 90 Day Fiance fans can expect this to cause major drama as Season 7 unfolds.

Will Anna and Mursel make it to the end of Season 7 on 90 Day Fiance or will he head back to Turkey after clashing with the kids?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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