Angie Douthit’s cancer journey inspires Teen Mom OG viewers

Angie Douthit
Angie Douthit’s cancer journey continues. Pic credit: MTV

Angie Douthit has been open about her cancer battle on both social media and on Teen Mom OG. When Mackenzie McKee started filming new episodes for Teen Mom OG, offering updates since fans last saw her on Teen Mom 3, she also shared that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

And it wasn’t just beatable cancer. In fact, her mother Angie was so sick that doctors had essentially told her that they could do nothing for her and that she had six months to live. When Angie appeared on the Teen Mom OG reunion, she openly talked about her diagnosis, and how she’s fighting back despite doctors’ guesses that she had six months left to live.

Teen Mom OG viewers thought her journey and her approach to her cancer battle was nothing more than inspirational. Others also claimed that Angie’s relationship with her husband was powerful and the most beautiful love story.

During the reunion special, Angie Douthit opened up about being diagnosed with two types of lung cancer despite not being a smoker and being a marathon runner. She claimed she was just as shocked as everyone else, including doctors.

But her story has caused some Teen Mom OG viewers to open up about their own cancer experiences, revealing that they’ve lost their parents after a short cancer battle.

Others told Angie that she looked amazing and incredible, as she opened up about her current health status. Her hair is starting to grow back and despite looking frail, her attitude and positive energy clearly stole the show during last night’s reunion special.

It’s currently unknown whether Mackenzie McKee and Angie Douthit will continue to share their lives on Teen Mom OG next season.

Teen Mom OG wraps up next Monday at 9/8c on MTV.

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