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Angie Douthit gives cancer update: No chemo due to ‘bad blood’

Angie Douthit on Teen Mom
Angie Douthit gives cancer update. Pic credit: MTV

Angie Douthit continues to fight her cancer diagnosis, something she’s been open about on Instagram and on Teen Mom OG.

While filming the show, she explained to her daughter Mackenzie McKee that the doctors gave her 6 months to live, but she has already surpassed that date.

In her recent Instagram post, Angie reveals that she’s got bad blood again. Therefore, she’s not eligible for chemo. However, she did get 2 units of blood and explains that blood donation is important for her recovery. Angie also mentions the high school students in her area that have donated their blood to her.

But just because she has bad blood now doesn’t mean she can’t have chemo again. She points out that the doctor already wants to see her again on Thursday to recheck her blood at that time.

Angie has shared her cancer journey on Instagram, giving almost daily updates. She has a great outlook on life and appears to soak up every minute. As she points out in her Instagram post, she’s at peace with whatever happens to her and whatever God has planned for her.

Just yesterday, Angie revealed that it is difficult to trust that God will take care of everything, but she also points out that no one else can fix this cancer diagnosis.

These days, Angie is spending lots of time with her grandchildren. A little over a week ago, she posted a photo of her car, where Broncs and Javyn had used marker all over her white car.

She was smiling in the photo, revealing that they had both come clean about lying as to who had colored her car.

It’s amazing that she’s so positive and can focus on her grandchildren given she’s fighting for her life every single day.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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