Angelina Pivarnick’s butt lift: Jersey Shore star proudly shows off new booty [Photo]

angelina pivarnick butt lift results posted on IG
Angelina Pivarnick recently presented a proud photo of her butt lift results. Pic credit: © Fotos/AdMedia

Angelina Pivarnick’s butt lift results were on full display as the Jersey Shore star took to social media to share an image with fans.

The 34-year-old recently posted to her IG while also praising the doctor who helped improve her posterior.

It certainly got the attention of many fans who showered the post with likes and comments about the reality TV star’s work.

Angelina Pivarnick shows early butt lift results

Angelina Pivarnick is continuing to get work done in an effort to improve her image. In a recent Instagram post, the Jersey Shore, Couples Therapy, and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation alum proudly presented a mirror selfie showing her early butt lift results.

In a photo framed with a patriotic Fourth of July border, Angelina poses in a bikini, twisting to look back towards a mirror with her smartphone to make sure she put her backside on display.

As part of the caption, Angelina mentioned, “the bandaid butt lift is def paying off. Thank you @tutelaps Still have another session or two to go but love the results sooo far.”

Pivarnick recommended the doctor for others to check out if they need to get work done too.

The doctor receiving all the praise from Angelina is Dr. John Paul Tutela. He reposted Angelina’s IG post above with a few comments of his own.

“Wow – looking amazing already @angelinamtv!” Dr. Tutela put in his caption along with emojis of a needle, peach, and American flag.

He also provided a few more details about the procedure.

“Sculptra is injected for a small volume butt lift or to fill in hip dips. It usually takes at least 2-4 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart,” the doctor based in the New York/New Jersey area explained.

Plenty of people liked Angelina’s original Instagram post, with over 38,000 Likes as of this report. The IG image also gained about 900 comments, but Pivarnick turned them off after a while, leaving them unable to be seen now.

It’s possible too many haters or rude commenters were infiltrating a post in which she was proud of her decision to have the work done.

Reportedly, Pivarnick opted to get the surgery due to the fact weight fluctuations over the years caused her to lose a lot of volume in her backside. The butt lift procedures will help to restore some of that volume.

Pivarnick also had breast surgery

Back in February of this year, Angelina shared an Instagram post in which she talked about getting breast implants. She called them her “fave part” of her body after the work was done.

Dr. Tutela, the same doctor behind her butt lift work, was also involved in the reality TV star’s breast implant surgery.

Angelina praised him for that work back then too, saying in her IG caption, “Anyone looking for a doctor that knows what they are doing He’s your guy !!! I never had one surgery in my life until this and let me tell you I would do it again because he’s that amazing.”

Angelina Pivarnick breast implants

By the way, Tutela notes in his recent IG repost that he offers breast augmentation for $9,500, with an initial reservation fee of $200 required. However, that fee goes towards the cost of the procedure.

At least one commenter asked Tutela the cost of the butt injections that Angelina is getting. The doctor indicated “$7,000 for 10 vials. That is a good place to start. You will need at least 2-3 treatments” on his IG repost of Angelina Pivarnick’s butt lift.

The Jersey Shore alum can most likely afford it. Based on estimates, Angelina’s net worth was at least $2 million as of this year thanks to her appearances on several different reality shows, a brief venture in TNA Wrestling, and an attempt at a music career.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus. 

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