Angela Deem’s friend Jennifer Di Landro dishes on why the 90 Day Fiance star physically attacked her

Angela Deem and Jennifer Di Landro IG selfies
Jennifer says she and Angela are on good terms after their NYC brawl. Pic credit: @deemangela/@jenniferdilandro/Instagram

90 Day Fiance personality Angela Deem has had an eventful week, to say the least.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the 57-year-old self-proclaimed “sexy Meemaw” participated in a reality TV lip-sync contest in New York City.

While performing Tina Turner’s iconic song Proud Mary, Angela flashed her bare chest to the crowd.

Later that evening, Angela and her friend/esthetician, Jennifer Di Landro, got into an argument that turned physical in the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown Park Avenue lobby.

In videos that surfaced on social media, Angela could be seen putting her hands on Jennifer and seemingly pulling the injector’s hair as she hovered over her, screaming insults and obscenities.

The scuffle resulted in police and emergency services showing up at the hotel after Angela began bleeding from being scratched by Jennifer’s jewelry during the altercation.

Jennifer made a statement to The Sun following the incident, claiming that she and Angela have since kissed and made up.

Now, Jennifer is speaking out about the bloody brawl, and according to her, it wasn’t as bad as the video footage made it appear.

Angela Deem’s friend Jennifer Di Landro says their hotel lobby brawl ‘looked worse than what it was’

Jennifer spoke with In Touch, telling the publication, “Angela and myself hold a close bond. Due to unfortunate events, things got heated, but we have since discussed and cleared the air.”

The Dolce Aesthetics NY owner added, “[It’s] funny, I was just taking her back to her hotel to make sure she got there OK and picking up my car to go home. It actually looked worse than what it was.”

According to Jennifer, no punches were thrown, and nobody got hit during the late-night tussle, despite reports claiming otherwise.

“That is false!” Jennifer shared, adding that the fight “should have never happened.”

Jennifer reiterated that everything is “fine” and “good” between herself and Angela, calling the incident a “learning curve.”

So, what caused the explosive argument that began in the cab and continued into the hotel lobby? Jennifer claims it had nothing to do with her and Angela having any beef with each other.

“There is no need to rehash,” Jennifer continued. “It [has] totally been resolved, but I will ​[say it] had nothing to do with each other. It was over a third party who did not do right by Angela.”

90 Day Fiance star Angela is a regular patient of Jennifer’s

Angela and Jennifer’s relationship extends past friendship — Jennifer, a nurse practitioner and self-proclaimed “celebrity injector” — is also partially responsible for Angela’s recent makeover.

Jennifer does Angela’s Botox injections and lip filler, and Angela has appeared on Dolce Aesthetics NY’s Instagram page on several occasions.

Jennifer has even admitted that Angela is one of her “favorite” people to inject because of the “things that come out of her mouth.”

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on Monday, August 14, at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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