Angela Deem calls on Homeland Security as she shares ‘proof’ Michael Ilesanmi was scamming her

angela deem S8 E11 confessional HEA
Angela claims a screenshot of a comment made by Michael proves he scammed her. Pic credit: TLC

As far as Angela Deem is concerned, her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, scammed her, and she has receipts to prove it.

The controversial 90 Day Fiance personality has been taking aim at her estranged husband in recent weeks, accusing him of lying.

Angela believes that she was the victim of a Nigerian scam and Michael was the perpetrator.

And, according to Angela, she has evidence in the form of screenshots of since-deleted comments from one of Michael’s recent Instagram posts.

Michael’s latest post on Instagram features him dancing in his kitchen, accompanied by a caption that reads, “#staypsoitive #peace

Many of the comments on Michael’s post were from his fans and followers who congratulated him on finding freedom in the U.S. amid his and Angela’s rocky marriage.

Angela Deem alerts Homeland Security regarding Michael Ilesanmi’s alleged ‘scam’ against her

But Angela considers one comment from the Instagram account Fleet Wash Pro to be enough proof to get Homeland Security involved.

Angela shared a post to her Instagram feed, including a screenshot of Michael’s Reel and some of the comments.

The comment from Fleet Wash Pro read, “we did it broda 😂,” which, as Angela pointed out with an orange arrow, Michael “liked.”

In the caption of her post, Angela wrote, “SORRY HE TOOK IT DOWN BUT TO LATE

In response to Angela’s claim that Michael scammed her, her Instagram followers spoke out in the comments section, and most of them felt as though the 57-year-old MeeMaw needs to slow her roll.

90 Day Fiance viewers side with Michael: ‘Stop trying to set that man up’

“Girl move on,” urged @ange_plett. “If you thought he was scamming you, why didn’t you leave him alone? Let go and let God.”

Another Instagram user voiced how happy they are for Michael escaping “all those years of being physically and emotionally abused.”

“Hope he is somewhere safe and happy in the US,” they added.

angela deem's instagram followers comment on her scamming post
Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

@kesterrozay told Angela that a random person’s comment isn’t considered evidence that Michael was scamming her in any way, adding, “You’re old enough and probably smart enough to know this.”

“Stop trying to set that man up,” they begged.

Michael returns to social media without a care in the world

Michael has yet to respond to Angela’s allegations on social media, but in the meantime, he appears to be living his best life with Angela nowhere in sight.

Despite Angela begging Michael to delete his Instagram account, he recently returned to the social media platform with a vengeance.

Michael has been uploading plenty of smiley selfies, blissfully unaffected by anything Angela may be plotting against him behind the scenes — and he’s been stirring up plenty of theories about his and Angela’s marriage by photographing himself without his wedding band on his ring finger.

In fact, when Michael was recently warned that his estranged wife would be “mad AF” that he had an Instagram account, he simply replied, “So?”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Janice Welch
Janice Welch
20 days ago

Michael put up with Angela because all he wanted was a green card and he was determined to get it and I believe he used her to came to the US, shame on you.☹️

Rebecca J
Rebecca J
20 days ago

She’s treated him horribly over a long period of time. Run Michael run!!! Angela is a disgusting human being and a disgrace as a woman.

19 days ago

Send him back!!