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Angela and Michael update: Where are the 90 Day Fiance couple today?

Angela Deem confronts Michael Ilesanmi
On the Before the 90 Days tell all, Angela took off her ring and walked out. Pic credit: TLC

Angela and Michael are undoubtedly the breakout stars from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, and during the show’s Tell All special they didn’t disappoint.

The pair started off the evening engaged, but by the end of the night Angela had put and end to the whole thing and called Michael every name she could possibly think of.

So what went wrong? According to Angela, it’s because Michael referred to her as his “elder” amongst his friends. That was the dealbreaker that sent her into a fit and prompted Angela to take off her engagement ring and slam it on the table.

To make things even more dramatic, as Angela was still cursing out Michael she was also trying to find her way off the stage after deciding she was done talking to, or about, her former fiance (who was there via Skype and not in the room).

She did return to the stage, and Michael apologized for calling her old, but she was already done at that point and didn’t try to fix things.

Now that the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All is over, viewers want to know what is going on with Angela and Michael now.

The Tell All was filmed around the end of July, and at that point the pair weren’t getting along. There was even a point when Angela posted photos of herself and her daughter Scottie on a trip to New York City. When Michael asked her to send him copies, her response to Michael was to “get off” her page.

Whether or not the engagement is back on is not clear. However, it is clear that Angela and Michael can’t be on too bad of terms.

On October 7, nearly a week before the Tell All aired, Angela changed her profile photo to one of her and Michael kissing in Nigeria. That said, Michael didn’t comment on the photo nor did he like it. It’s hard to tell if he and Angela are friends on Facebook anymore or not.

While it really doesn’t look like Angela and Michael will be headed for the altar, it does look like this may not be the end of 90 Day Fiance for them. After all, Angela already started the K-1 Visa process, which would allow Michael to come to the U.S.

With the way things ended on the Tell All, and Angela teasing a photo of the pair kissing, don’t be too surprised if they are brought back for Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days so we can see more of them in action, possibly even on Angela’s home turf in Georgia.

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance returns on Sunday, October 21 at 8/7c on TLC. 

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