Andy Cohen weighs in on Kathy Hilton’s possible exit from RHOBH

Kathy Hilton
Was Season 12 of RHOBH the last for Kathy Hilton? Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kathy Hilton has been the entertaining “friend-of” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for two seasons, and fans have really taken to her silly personality.

Although viewers have called for her to get a diamond, Kathy has made it clear that she is only interested in a guest spot on the show due to a busy schedule.

But after the drama of Season 12, will she even be back as a friend, or is she ready to part ways with the hot Bravo show?

Kathy is under no obligation to stay and is not under contract, so she is free to go anytime, even if fans don’t like it. After Season 11 ended, viewers wondered if Kathy would be back or if the rumors were true that she was holding out for more money.

So what does Bravo chief Andy Cohen think about Kathy not returning to the show that has featured her family, sisters Kyle and Kim Richards?

Andy was diplomatic but firm with his opinion on Kathy’s future on the show and also gave an update on Season 13 casting decisions.

Andy Cohen said that it is only Kathy Hilton’s decision to remain on RHOBH

During a recent interview with US Weekly, Andy was asked about the rumors that Kathy has decided not to return to the RHOBH if both Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are also coming back.

He was direct and objective in his response, saying, “[We’ve] had this situation before with other Housewives who’ve said, ‘Look, this isn’t my group. I don’t wanna interact with X person or Y person.’ And so, it’s totally their decision.”

So basically, if Kathy chooses to quit the show, that’s on her.

Andy also made it clear that no one is being forced to stay in the cast, and those who are welcomed back should be excited about being there. “I want them to be excited about being on the show and have a level of a desire to be on the show and feel great about it,” he revealed.

RHOBH: Casting decisions have not been made for Season 13

On a typical Housewives season, as soon as the reunion airs, the ladies go right back into filming for the next season, and any casting changes are usually finalized by that point.

But after the tumultuous Season 12 reunion of Beverly Hills, production was put on a bit of a hiatus, and Andy gave no indication of who might, or more importantly, might not, be coming back. “It’s kind of a downtime, which is I think important between seasons,” Andy said. “Especially when the season is so volatile.”

It has been reported that Kathy gave the producers of RHOBH an ultimatum: It’s either her or Lisa Rinna. Bravo typically does not respond well to Housewives trying to pull rank, but Kathy is loved by the fans, so viewers can only wait and see what happens!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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