Andy Cohen applauds Tom Sandoval’s podcast launch amid Scandoval drama

Andy Cohen on the red carpet.
Bravo exec Andy Cohen applauded Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval on promo for latest podcast. Pic credit: ©

Andy Cohen is seemingly cheering on Tom Sandoval’s latest venture following the Scandoval drama earlier this year.

Season 10 was a massive shakeup for the Vanderpump Rules cast. Though previous seasons had seen the cast engage in tense situations, most paled in comparison to the bombshell of Scandoval.

The explosive news revealed Sandoval had been having an affair for months with his co-star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss while he was still in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

After months of living under a microscope, Sandoval faced the drama head-on and recently announced the launch of his new Everybody Loves Tom podcast.

The promo video for the podcast featured Sandoval listening to a list of names he’s been called in recent months. Naturally, none cast the 40-year-old in a flattering light.

Despite this, Cohen seemed to be looking on the bright side and commended Sandoval for including the criticism as he moved forward.

Andy Cohen reportedly supports Tom Sandoval’s podcast promo as he uses personal drama to his advantage

The promo video featured a skit where Sandoval and a podcast staffer went over the words a “focus group” believed best described the disgraced television personality.

Among the insults, Sandoval was described as a cheater, liar, and scumbag.

The culmination of insults jokingly inspired Sandoval’s podcast name, Everybody Loves Tom.

Sandoval was dragged in the comment section by many who felt the promo just proved what a narcissist he can be.

However, Cohen seemingly had a different take and took to the post’s comment section to share his thoughts.

“The montage is savage. 👏👏👏👏👏👏,” the Vanderpump Rules reunion host shared.

Andy's comment on Sandoval's podcast promo post.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

In response to Cohen’s comment, several followers agreed with the sentiment and Sandoval’s ability to spin the situation “in his favor.”

Screenshot of response to Andy Cohen's comment on Sandoval's podcast.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Others simply shared their agreeance with the Bravo superstar.

Screenshot of response to Andy Cohen's comment on Sandoval's podcast.
Pic credit: @tomsandoval1/Instagram

Sandoval’s podcast news comes on the heels of Ariana Madix’s debut on Dancing With The Stars

In addition to the vast array of colorful comments Sandoval received to the promo post, some noted that his timing was slightly suspect.

Wanting to capitalize on the ongoing drama in his personal life is one thing, but the news also happened to coincide with Ariana Madix’s debut on the newest season of the hit ABC show Dancing With The Stars.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Madix made her debut with a not-so-subtle nod to her Season 10 reunion revenge dress.

Time will tell just how well-received Sandoval’s podcast will be and whether Vanderpump Rules fans will ease their criticism of him.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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