Andrew Spencer shares his post-Paradise weight loss transformation photos

Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spencer shows off his 15-pound weight loss. Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

While Andrew Spencer spent his summer in minimal clothing on Bachelor in Paradise, he is still continuing to work on his beach body.

The franchise was first introduced to Andrew on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, where he was easily deemed a Bachelor Nation favorite.

Andrew went on to appear on this year’s BIP and, after a few attempted relationships, ultimately left his time in Paradise as a single man.

Andrew already had a toned physique on the show, which, mixed with his charming personality, made him a hot commodity on the beach from the start.

However, he recently gave fans a glimpse at his current weight loss transformation, which has already put him down 15 pounds.

The former contestant shared six shirtless photos side-by-side, showing him at different weights ranging from 230lbs to 215lbs.

Andrew Spencer says he still has more weight to lose

The photos each showed Andrew standing in the same exact spot with the same lighting, allowing fans to see the difference in his muscle definition since the start of his transformation.

“20 more to go,” Andrew revealed in some overlapped text.

Andrew Spencer's Instagram story with weight loss photos
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Instagram

Andrew has clearly shown determination when it comes to his fitness journey — something he also showed after leaving Paradise and attempting to rekindle his relationship with Teddi Wright.

Did Andrew and Teddi Wright reconnect after Bachelor in Paradise?

Season 8 BIP viewers will remember Andrew and Teddi’s relationship at the beginning of the season, which she decided to end after realizing her feelings weren’t quite as strong as she thought.

Teddi abruptly left the show immediately after their breakup and took to Instagram after the episode aired to reveal that she was treated poorly while filming.

Andrew admitted toward the end of the season that he still had lingering feelings for Teddi, and he later revealed that he reached out to her post-show to see if the two could potentially spark up their connection again.

While appearing on a podcast, Andrew revealed he did send her a simple text. “Nothing serious, I just really wanted to just get a chance to, you know, [have a] conversation with her,” he explained.

Andrew ultimately wanted to be friends with her and make sure that she was alright after leaving the show. “I just don’t want her to just completely be out of my life,” he continued.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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