Andrew Spencer calls out Bachelor in Paradise for editing his talk with Jessenia out of order

Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spencer confirms he chatted with Jessenia before going on a date with Ency. Pic credit: ABC

Andrew Spencer is clearing the air about how Bachelor in Paradise edited his scenes from last night.

While the show notably condenses days worth of footage into two-hour episodes, last night’s airing showed an important chat between Andrew and his former love interest, Jessenia Cruz.

As newcomer Ency entered the beach during last night’s episode, it was clear that she showed interest in Andrew and he would most likely go on a date if she asked.

Viewers then watched Andrew and Ency undoubtfully form a strong connection on their one-on-one date, where they threw a football, lounged in pool floaties, and ate massively large oysters.

However, the show made it seem as if Andrew grabbed Jessenia away to explain that he was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with her after he returned from his date with Ency, which visibly crushed Jessenia.

Was that the correct order of how things went down, though?

According to Andrew himself — no.

Andrew Spencer confirms Bachelor in Paradise edited his scenes wrong

Andrew took to Twitter last night to call out the Bachelor in Paradise editors and say that he broke things off with Jessenia before agreeing to go on the date with Ency.

“The talk happened before i went on the date,” he wrote. “Why would i change back into the same clothes after the date lol.”

Andrew Spencer's tweet
Pic credit: @andrewzspencer/Twitter

He surely had a point in terms of his outfit, and it wouldn’t be the craziest thing to think that editors may have switched the order around to make for a more drama-filled television episode.

BIP co-star Genevieve Parisi supports relationship between Andrew and Ency

Although Ency may be late to the Bachelor in Paradise game, it was undeniable that she and Andrew sparked up a connection shortly after her arrival on the beach.

Some even took to social media to show support for the potential new couple, including Andrew and Ency’s current co-star Genevieve Parisi.

“No one hate me but I’m so here for Ency and Andrew there I said it,” she wrote during Monday night’s episode.

Genevieve Parisi's tweet
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

While she may “ship” the brand new pair, Genevieve also made sure to follow up her statement with consoling words for her pal Jessenia.

“That being said, I absolutely feel for Jessenia,” she said.

Genevieve Parisi's tweet about Jessenia
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

After failed relationships with contestants Teddi, Brittany, and Jessenia, fans can tune in again tonight to see if Andrew will choose to pursue Ency until his wild Paradise ride comes to an end.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

That’s very interesting abut the editing of Andrew’s conversation for the sake of drama.