Andrew Lewis from Teen Mom 2 update: What is the ‘model in China’ doing now?

Andrew Lewis, Barb Evans, and Jenelle Evans at a Teen Mom 2 reunion
Andrew Lewis wants back into Jace’s life on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Andrew Lewis is going to be a point of contention on this season of Teen Mom 2. He is Jace’s father, the first man Jenelle Evans had a child with.

He disappeared from the spotlight as the show went on, making excuses about why he couldn’t show up.

But in the new season of Teen Mom 2 — including in a clip Jenelle Evans shared before it started — Andrew Lewis is reaching out to the crew.

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He wants to see Jace in New York City, something that seems to make everyone feel uneasy. What could Andrew possibly want at this point?

Where has Andrew Lewis been?

There has been a lot of speculation about where Andrew Lewis has been in recent months and years, but he has been in and out of touch with Jenelle Evans since he first made his debut on 16 & Pregnant.

Jenelle Evans has made several accusations about Andrew and his drinking in the past. In fact, in the clip from the new season of Teen Mom 2, she mentions he sounds drunk just by the texts he was sending the producer.

Back in 2012, Andrew Lewis actually responded to allegations, publicly denying he was using drugs and drinking.

It is unclear where Andrew Lewis has been for sure, but he definitely spent time in New York — and was living there in December 2017 when he was filmed for the special episode of Teen Mom 2 that featured all of Jenelle Evans’ exes.

Andrew talked about wanting to build a relationship with Jace at the time, and even though that was over a year ago, it looks like he is now finally reaching out.

Did Andrew Lewis model in China?

Modeling is something Andrew said he did way back when he was first introduced into the reality television world.

As shown in throwback footage in the clip below, he would tell Jenelle Evans he was away modeling in China — although that triggered some red flags.

The claim, coupled with Jenelle’s accusations of drug and alcohol abuse when Jace was little, left fans wondering if Andrew was ever really a model.

Based on the information available right now, all we know is that Andrew Lewis has decided he wants a relationship with Jace and has been on-and-off located in New York.

Filming for the season resumed last summer, and since then nothing has come out publicly about Andrew being able to see his son. Jenelle Evans appears to brush off the request from Andrew to see Jace in the clip below.

Will he get what he wants? Only time will tell.

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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