Andrew Glennon accused of taking James away from Amber Portwood

Andrew Glennon
Andrew Glennon accused of keeping James away from Amber. Pic credit: MTV

Andrew Glennon is currently solely responsible for little James, as a judge has ordered for Amber Portwood to keep her distance from Andrew and James thanks to a no-contact order. This comes after her July 5 arrest, where she is being accused of attacking Andrew with a shoe and swinging a machete while he was holding James.

And while Andrew’s side of the story has been shared in the media, Amber has yet to share her side of what happened. Despite this, Teen Mom OG fans are starting to defend Amber Portwood without knowing the whole story.

On Instagram, Andrew has posted a few photos of little James so fans can see that he’s doing well even though he’s not with his mother.

He recently shared an adorable photo of James on a boat, where he’s hanging out on the water with his dad. The collection of photos also showed Andrew with James in a field, and James getting a haircut. Despite these positive and happy photos, fans know that James isn’t seeing his mother. One person even accused Andrew of playing a role in removing James from his mother.

“How do you take a child away from its mother smh men I bet you was with her only for money and fame…..” one person wrote on his Instagram in response to the photos he shared.

Andrew didn’t address the comment about hooking up with Amber for money and fame, but they did meet after she filmed Marriage Bootcamp as he was working on the show at the time. She attended the show to fix her issues with her then-boyfriend, Matt Baier, as they were contemplating getting married. Within a few months of dating Andrew, she was pregnant with James.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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