Andrei Castravet slams Megan Potthast for selling photos of her feet and other body parts online

90 Day Fiance star Andrei Castravet calls out Megan Potthast for selling photos of her feet to make money
Andrei Castravet calls out Megan Potthast for selling her feet pictures online. Pic credit: TLC

Andrei Castravet recently called out Megan Potthast for selling photos of her feet online during their appearance on 90 Day Bares All. It was four against one during the sit-down as Megan’s sisters-in-law, Elizabeth, Becky, and Jenn were also there judging Charlie’s wife and her online activities.

Megan and Charlie have been on the outs with the Potthast family since Charlie and Andrei’s blowout fight on the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? The Potthast family has remained silent about Megan and Charlie on social media but Megan has been spilling the beans.

She opened up on social media weeks ago and confessed that the family has iced them out and that they haven’t spoken to her in months. However, Megan recently came face to face with her in-laws on the Discovery+ show and it was anything but pleasant.

Megan Potthast sells pictures of her feet online

It’s very obvious that Elizabeth and her sisters are still upset with Megan and Charlie for the fight that kicked off some time ago. And Andrei is still holding on to his hatred of Charlie and it seems he’s taking out his frustration on Megan.

She faced off with Andrei, Elizabeth, Jenn, and Becky during a recent appearance on 90 Day Bares All, and things got very tense during the conversation which involved Megan selling images of her feet online.

“If people like my feet–some people have foot fetishes — why not make money?” said Megan. “I would’ve never thought I could make money from selling foot pictures but foot modeling is a thing and if I can make money why not.”

Megan made it known that she’s not ashamed and has been making good money selling her feet pictures online.

‘I mean I’ve made over a thousand in a day before selling pictures, so it’s definitely a good business” she confessed.

Andrei Castravet makes shocking claim about Megan Potthast

During the sitdown, Andrei had a lot to say about Megan and her online activities which he says involves more than just selling feet photos.

“People like send me now videos and… pictures of how she’s with a d**k in her mouth, and that like she’s literally lying,” remarked Andrei.

Megan then interject and said, “I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

“Explain to the audience that you’re a porno star…that’s it you’re broke and you’re a porno star,” retorted Andrei.

Host Shaun Robinson tried to get to the bottom of Andrei’s claim so she asked if anyone had sold images of any other body parts online.

While Elizabeth and her sisters denied ever doing that, Megan fessed up to selling images of her “boobs,” but that wasn’t all.

“I mean I’ll do like sexy videos in lingerie, stuff like that,” Megan admitted.

90 Day Bares All is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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