Amy Slaton tearfully admits ‘I just want a divorce’ in 1000-Lb Sisters spoiler

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton screenshot image
Amy Slaton tackles marital issues in Season 5 of 1000-Lb Sisters. Pic credit: TLC

It’s all coming to a head in the upcoming episode of 1000-Lb Sisters between Amy Slaton and her now ex-husband Michael Halterman.

In a spoiler for what’s to come and emotional Amy exclaims that she wants a divorce after trying and failing to get through to Michael.

The mom of two has expressed feeling overwhelmed with their two young boys with little to no help from their dad. However, her pleading was disregarded.

Eventually, the TLC star was at her breaking point, and she threw in the towel without seeing any way to fix her marriage.

Although her marital drama is playing out on the show, Amy has long since put that behind her.

The 36-year-old has found herself a hot new man, Tony Rodgers, and they’re now social media official.

Amy has been teasing her beau online for quite some time but eventually went full throttle and shared a slew of photos and videos of them.

Amy proudly showed off her boyfriend in a TikTok video– proving that she’s found joy again after her messy divorce.

Amy Slaton gets support from her sisters amid marital issues

Thankfully, Amy has a great support system in her siblings because she’s going through it this season.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, things reach a breaking point for Amy, but her sisters Tammy and Amanda Slaton are right by her side.

In the clip, Amanda pays a visit to Tammy and Amy’s house and brings a variety of face masks for some self-care fun.

“Amy’s face just stays puffy, and you know she just always looking like she’s walking around crying all the time,” says Amanda in her confessional. “I mean, well, ’cause she is. So today, I just brought over some masks and want to try and get her to put a smile on her face.”

The activity works for a little while as the three women laugh while trying to use the masks. However, things get tearful once the conversation turns to Amy’s marriage.

Amy Slaton tearfully exclaims ‘I just want a divorce’ in 1000-Lb Sisters preview

Amy tells her sisters in the video, “In my heart, I’m ready to walk away, to be honest with you.”

The scene then cuts to Amy’s emotional confessional, where she explains, “I told him over and over and over again, ‘If you don’t change, I’m gonna leave you.'”

“I used to be the glue that held our family together, but now I’m just the used piece of gum,” reasoned Amy.

“I just want to be happy,” she continued, “I just want the divorce.”

1000-Lb. Sisters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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