American Ninja Warrior: Watch Caleb Bergstrom glide through obstacle course to advance in Las Vegas

Caleb Bergstrom with his wife Ashley and brother in law David
Caleb Bergstrom is the one to beat this season on American Ninja Warrior. Pic credit: NBC

Caleb Bergstrom is one to watch on American Ninja Warrior as he works his way closer to the $1 million prize.

He, along with three other members of his family, have already made a name for themselves as tough competitors on this NBC competition series.

They’re called “The Ninja Family,” and there’s a reason for it. Caleb and his wife Ashley both compete in American Ninja Warrior, as does his sister Caitlyn and her husband David. All four were in competition this season until Ashley got knocked out by Caitlyn in a head-to-head race.

Caleb admitted that it was hard to cheer for just one of them, telling the Tampa Tribune, “It was one of the toughest runs I’ve ever watched. I wanted to cheer for both. Cheering for one over the other was impossible.”

On Monday night, David, Caitlyn, and Caleb all ran the obstacle course, and Caleb may have made a name for himself not only as the toughest Bergstrom but also as the fastest competitor to finish the course.

Caleb Bergstrom and two other family members competed in Las Vegas qualifier

Caleb wasn’t the only Bergstrom to compete in the Monday night episode. His wife Ashley and brother-in-law David were also on hand and ran the obstacle course ahead of him.

Caleb and Ashley are the first married couple to compete together in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, both Ashley and David ended their seasons on Monday night after David stumbled on the Gambler and fell in the water.

Ashley also had a hard time on the course, falling into the water after she failed to swing high enough to grab the second ring on Three Ring Circus.

Clearly, the course is difficult, but Caleb came along and made it look like a cakewalk. He shot across Slide Surfer like it was no big deal and hit all the rings in Three Ring Circus with ease. He made his way across every obstacle and made it look easy, taking his time to regain control on the Ace of Spades after quickly hopping past the Roulette Wheel that took out his brother-in-law.

He worked his way through the rest of the course so quickly that Caleb ended up pulling the fastest time yet.

Caleb moves on for a chance to win $1 million

Next week, Caleb will compete again, and he’s the only one from the famous Bergstrom family who will have a chance to bring home the big prize.

Be sure to tune in and see if he can go all the way!

American Ninja Warrior airs on Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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