American Idol’s Randy Jackson posts new photo and fans are worried

Randy Jackson from American Idol
Randy Jackson from American Idol. Pic credit: Fox

Former American Idol judge Randy Jackson just posted a new photo to his social media and fans are worried.

Jackson, who was one of the original judges on American Idol with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, posted a photo of him sitting with actor Anthony Hopkins.

Fans immediately got worried about Jackson’s clear weight loss.

Fans worry about American Idol’s Randy Jackson

The photo was posted to Randy Jackson’s Instagram account.

It showed Anthony Hopkins sitting with his arm around Randy Jackson’s shoulder. Jackson was pointing at Hopkins.

In the caption, Jackson wrote, “It’s always amazing hanging with you brother @anthonyhopkins ?? cheers to 2022.”

While it was a nice message, there were a lot of fans who couldn’t get past how much smaller Randy Jackson appears to be now than he used to be.

One fan wrote “Oh no Randy, God bless,” even though the photo was about hopes for a good 2022, with someone responding to that by remarking, “looks not well.”

Randy Jackson IG post
Pic credit: @randyjackson/Instagram

Another fan seemed worried and posted “Bro you lost so much weight. Hope you okay.”

Another posted, “Randy, are you ok? I didn’t know that was you.”

Randy Jackson IG post
Pic credit: @randyjackson/Instagram

There was another fan that posted “Randy are you ok…you don’t look well not being mean just concerned.”

That led to a remark that he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and he had to lose weight to get his “health in check.”

Randy Jackson IG post
Pic credit: @randyjackson/Instagram

One other fan was a little more crass, remarking that “anthony hopkins looks way healthier” with another telling him to eat a cheeseburger because he lost too much weight.

Anthony Hopkins is 83 and Randy Jackson is 65,

Randy Jackson IG post
Pic credit: @randyjackson/Instagram

Finally, one fan had enough and posted, “the comments about his appearance inappropriate. Say something kind or keep scrolling.”

Randy Jackson IG post
Pic credit: @randyjackson/Instagram

Randy Jackson’s appearance is not new

Randy Jackson has been open on his Instagram account about his mission to get in better shape and grow healthier over the years.

Jackson even posted a video in September about how he lost all the weight by dieting right and that shedding the pounds had helped improve his health.

He even started a new holiday from his team at Unified Health Labs on September 23 called #GoWithYourGut Day.

“My team and I at #UnifyHealthLabs came together to encourage people LIKE YOU to take action towards improving your gut health,” Jackson said. “Did you know your gut health extends to your brain and emotional wellbeing as well?”

While fans seem concerned that Randy Jackson doesn’t “look healthy,” that is far from the truth — as he is now healthier than he has been in years.

American Idol will return to ABC on February 27, 2022.

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