American Idol’s Jay Copeland just opened for a Hall of Fame singer

Jay Copeland on American Idol
Jay Copeland on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Three singers on American Idol got a big advantage this season on the show.

One of them just got a chance to open for a true musical legend this week in concert.

When the auditions happened, one singer from each city of auditions had a chance to earn a Platinum Ticket that would allow them to skip one round in Hollywood and also pick out their own duet partner.

These were Kenedi Anderson, HunterGirl, and Jay Copeland.

Kenedi quit the show and went home to finish high school rather than try to launch her musical career. HunterGirl used the opportunity to go all the way to the finals, where she finished as the runner-up.

Meanwhile, Jay Copeland struggled somewhat as fans voting at home held the Platinum Ticket against him and many wanted more than what he was giving.

While he went home earlier than he might have hoped, Jay Copeland made the most of his situation.

Jay Copeland opened for R&B legend Patti LaBelle this week.

Jay Copeland opened for Patti LaBelle

In a huge opportunity for the American Idol contestant, Jay Copeland got a chance to perform at the Freeman Arts Pavillion in Salisbury, Maryland.

Not only was this a homecoming for Jay, but it was a chance to open for a legendary singer-songwriter.

Jay opened for Patti LaBelle, also known as the Godmother of Soul.

LaBelle was part of the group that made the song Lady Marmalade, which was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. She was also the first member of an African-American group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

LaBelle is in the Grammy Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame.

Jay even got a picture with her at the show.

“Thank you Ms. Patti Labelle!” he wrote in the caption.

Jay Copeland has a single out

On top of opening for Patti Labelle, Jay Copeland also has a single out that fans can listen to on their streaming platform of choice.

Jay released the original song Unlonely, which is referred to as a “summer bop” song.

He also has a video of it up online, with behind-the-scenes footage from him recording the song.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return in 2023 to ABC.

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Mary Ann Hinkle
Mary Ann Hinkle
11 months ago

Love your song and you have a beautiful voice. Love it.

11 months ago

I love this song, I can differently run this on repeat, great sound beautiful voice, just nice dance vibe for me