American Idol’s high school contestant Emyrson Flora reveals what is next

Emyrson Flora on American Idol
Emyrson Flora on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Emyrson Flora was the youngest person left on American Idol when she went home after the top 10 fan voting.

While she is only 16 and is in high school, she has big plans for her future.

Here is a look at what Emyrson has planned now that her American Idol journey has ended.

Emyrson Flora talks future after American Idol

Emyrson Flora is a high school student in Ohio who was one of the top singers on American Idol in its 20th anniversary season.

On Thursday, Emyrson was back at school for the first time since she left American Idol. Now, it is time for her to figure out what is next in her life as she finishes high school.

She told ABC News that her future still includes college, but she also plans to record and perform music at the same time.

She also said that no one knows what it is like to be on American Idol unless they have been there.

“Walking in the room is probably something that no one understands until you’re in it,” Emyrson said. “It’s truly like you’re picking yourself up and putting yourself in your TV.”

“And they look like mannequins, it’s insane, and especially as a 16-year-old who’s in high school every day and having to do my homework, and now on national television and singing to stay in this huge competition that — it’s just so surreal, and I don’t think I can truly wrap my head around it.”

Emyrson Flora talks leaving American Idol

Emyrson also spoke to Akron Beacon Journal about going back to school after becoming a massive star on national television.

She returned to Walsh Jesuit in Cuyahoga Falls for the first time in a long time thanks to American Idol.

“Live TV is hard,” Emyrson said “It is tough. No one prepares you for that. It is such a rush.”

“There’s a lot going on in your head, and you are standing there in front of these mega celebrities.”

She also said it was weird becoming famous herself, which was displayed during her Disneyland trip.

“A lot of people recognized me, which was so crazy and weird,” she said. “In my mind, no one cares and no one knows who I am. But now I realize I’m on TV. I forget because I’m living it, so it’s super weird.”

Now, she wants to keep making music.

“I’m just hoping that I get to make music after this,” Emyrson said. “I want to release music and record my own songs. I just want to keep putting myself out there.”

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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