American Idol releases hilarious new promo for Season 20

American Idol Season 20 judges
American Idol Season 20 judges. Pic credit: ABC

American Idol is returning for its 20st season on February 27 and ABC posted a great new promo about what it means to find the new stars of the future.

The new American Idol promo was a funny one, where Ryan Seacrest talked about helping discover the stars of the future.

He then asked the judges for American Idol Season 20 what they might be doing if they were never discovered.

American Idol judges ponder their careers if not discovered

The video was funny because it showed each of the judges and Ryan Seacrest himself involved in jobs that paralleled their biggest hits in the music industry.

Lionel Richie was working in a sculpting studio and when someone walked in, he sang “Hello” before asking if he is who they were looking for. The music video for Richie’s Hello involved a man and woman making sculptures together.

Katy Perry’s was hilarious. The Fireworks singer was working at an actual fireworks stand and then accidentally dropping some fireworks, with them all exploding around her stand while she said, “Not again!”

Luke Bryan, who has made his name making country music you will hear play in any country bar, was a bartender in his other life. While he was tending bar with his customers, he was spouting off lyrics from his songs.

Finally, Ryan Seacrest was not hosting American Idol. Instead, he was the host of a bar mitzvah.

It is a good thing these four found their calling in the music industry.

The video ended with Seacrest saying, “We were all given our shot — now let’s give it to someone else.”

“Yeah, let’s go discover the next American Idol,” Katy Perry said.

American Idol Season 20

American Idol will be back for its 20th season on February 27 on ABC.

In an interview, Seacrest mentioned how the show is very different than it used to be and said that the new technology has made it even easier for young aspiring musicians to make their mark on the show.

“When you have an exceptional artist with great songs, that can equal superstardom. It’s got to be the right time as well,” Seacrest said.

“What’s fantastic about music now is that artists who could not have put out music or been exposed to fans can build their listener base and build their fan base from their own bedrooms. We didn’t have that when American Idol started.”

American Idol Season 20 premieres on February 27 on ABC.

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