American Idol Red Wine Recap: There’s no place like home for our Idol Top 10!

sophia james singing in her bedroom for American Idol Top 10
American Idol Sophia James sings “In My Room” — in her room — as our Top 10 continues with home performances. Pic credit: ABC

Well, I just got injected with a dose of happy, folks! Watching tonight’s Idol has me feeling all the rainbows and warm fuzzies.

By golly, I think I’m going to have to drink sweet tea tonight instead of my standard pinot!

Well, it was a nice idea while it lasted.

But seriously, our Top 10 choices are an absolute reflection of everything right with the world right now.

They are sweet! They are wholesome! And man, can they sing!

While it’s true that I wasn’t so keen on these home performances last week, what a difference a week can make, huh?!

Past Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, sets the perfect “Home” tone

Phillip Phillips singing on the couch and Arthur Gunn getting ready to perform
Phillip Phillips sings “Home” while the Idol contestants get ready to perform… at home. Pic credit: ABC

Phillip Phillips literally set the tone of the show, singing “Home” on his couch, while a montage of our current Idols adjusting to their new homemade Idol stages played.

We also saw them interacting with their families in sweet moments typically reserved for past seasons’ Top 3 hometown visits.

All the while, Phillip Phillips chill-bump worthy voice resonated and reminded me that “Home” was probably THE best coronation song in Idol history.

Give us another one of those for the winner this year, I say! I beg of you!

Hey, maybe Stevie Wonder could even write it? You know, he’ll write the “dah-dahs” first and then fill in the blanks. (Now, that little Stevie snippet was better insight than Bobby Bones’ mentorship all season!)

But I digress. On with the results!

Take it away, Katy!

Katy Perry wearing a toilet paper costume
Not again, Katy! It’s too distracting! Pic credit: ABC

Now with this home set-up, there are no stools of doom for tonight’s results.

We do, however, have a bunch of squares of all the Top 20 Idol hopefuls, making me just want to shout, “no whammies, no whammies, no whammies, stop!”

no whammies gameshow clip
Pic credit: Giphy

And no whammies, indeed. Can I just say… I love our TOP 10! Well done, America!

Idol’s Top 10 Results

So without further ado, let’s jump into the results (and performances!), shall we? I present them in order of best to “worst”!

1. Grace Leer – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

the judges react warmly to Grace Leer being chosen Top 10
I wasn’t the only one who loved Grace Leer’s Top 10 performance tonight. Just look at Katy’s face. Pic credit: ABC

America obviously made the right choice in sending this girl not only into our Top 20, but also our Top 10. She is the kind of contestant who could have Carrie Underwood’s success.

Yes, that’s a big statement. But Grace has a look and voice that can go far. Plus, country is a whole world of its own, and country folk always do well.

Grace sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and I instantly wondered if she would have an Idol moment with it like Kat McPhee did in the Idol days of yore.

Within Grace’s first four notes, I knew she would. Powerhouse.

Extra cute moment bonus points: “I got a couple applause over the fence.”

2. Sophia James – In My Room

Sophia James singing in her room for Idol Top 10
Sophia James stares wistfully away as she literally sings “In My Room.” Well. Not my room. But you get it. Pic credit: ABC

When Sophia said she was singing a Beach Boys song, I worried. But I quickly realized this song choice was genius as she sang it, well, from her room.

With a dreamlike quality to it, Sophia stared off in the distance that was so reminiscent of the times, all the while propelling this song into the modern-day.

Not to mention, we see photos of Sophia with her family and friends in the background, showing us even more of this sweet family gal’s personality.

Extra cute moment bonus points: Brother James: “Is that your Instagram, Sophia?” “No, James, it’s a vlog for American Idol!”

And then James bringing her flowers post-performance: “Good job, Sophia!”

My heart melted.

3. Arthur Gunn – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Arthur Gunn mixing flour in a bowl at home
Arthur Gunn literally gives us a taste of his home life while making a dish from Nepal. (Swoon.) Pic credit: ABC

You know I love me some Arthur Gunn, and if he didn’t make it through, this would be a different recap, indeed. Can you say chucking my TV out the window, anyone?

But he did, and so all is right with the world.

I want Arthur Gunn to be my best friend. He is just so likable and pure! And his Bob Marley-esque vibes are coming through more and more, particularly tonight as he gave a reggae twist to a John Denver song.

No shocker. It worked.

For the record, only Arthur Gunn can make this answer work to Bobby Bones’ question: “Anybody watching this right now can be the next Arthur, right?!”

Sir Gunn: “You’re absolutely wrong, Bobby.”

Me: Sell generic someplace else, Sir Bones.

Extra cute moment bonus points: 1) Arthur’s reaction when they announced him making Top 10. Turning around, crying, “Thank you. Thank you. I’m here guys.”; 2) how cute he looked in a beanie making his moo-moo food; 3) his background tapestries; 4) just about everything he says and does.

4. Jovin Webb – Voo Doo

Jovin Webb singing on a homemade stage
Jovin Webb does some Voodoo on me tonight because I was feelin’ his performance. Red scarf and curtains and all. Pic credit: ABC

I’m kind of surprised how high up a ranking Jovin Webb is getting tonight, but, I don’t know. He had me in some kind of Nah-lins groove.

Even if he did stand in front of a bunch of red curtains from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Mr. Webb also busted a red hankie from his pocket mid-performance and started twirling it around. I started thinking a chair might come next and we’d have a Flashdance moment on our hands:

dancer on chair pouring water over herself
Pic credit: Giphy

But Jovin reigned in that sauce, leaving me with one single (and pure) thought: Vocals are solid!

What kind of voo-doo did you do to me tonight, Jovin?

Extra cute moment bonus points: Need I say it? Him and his son making music together.

Jovin Webb and his son singing together
Jovin Webb sings with his adorable son on Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Doesn’t get any cuter than that. (And kudos to Sir Bones for his most helpful critique of the night when he told Jovin to involve his son more in his work. I now see your role on this show, Bobby).

5. Francisco Martin – Falling Like the Stars

Francisco Martin singing from home
Francisco Martin made Idol Top 10 tonight, adding another heartthrob to the group. Pic credit: ABC

Francisco was the last of the night to squeak into America’s Top 10 (I’ll get to the judge’s save later), and I’m sure glad he did.

We know he’s likable. We know he’s got Lou Diamond Phillips good looks. But now we also know he’s a momma’s boy — in the best way possible.

Francisco told us his anxiety is increasing, knowing his mom is a nurse, fighting the good fight on the front lines. But he’s getting through it and is just glad to be home, quarantined with his family (as most of these sweet kids are).

Mr. Martin also upped his background game this week, adding some little strands of twinkly stars to go with his song choice.

It worked. I forgot we were at home for a minute and simply enjoyed the performance. Question is: was Katy legitimately crying after his performance? I truly couldn’t tell.

Extra cute moment bonus points: The photo of Francisco as a kid!

6. Just Sam – Grandma’s Hands

Just Sam crying at home alone
“I just wish I had like one person here!” cries Just Sam after making Idol’s Top 10. My heart = broken. Pic credit: ABC

Surprisingly, Just Sam is in the bottom half of my favorite performances this night.

She’s still one of my favorites, though, and likely will always be. I mean, come on. This girl is staying in California to keep her grandma safe! Which means, she is all alone when they announce she is Top 10 material!

“I just wish I had like one person here!” OMG, you guys. This was seriously such a sad moment. “Facetime your grandma!” orders Auntie Katy.

Like the good little Idol-child she is, Just Sam does just that, and her grandma is proud of her. In her honor, Just Sam chooses Bill Withers’ “Grandma’s Hands,” and I just wish I felt more of a connection to it.

I blame the song. (Even though I love Bill Withers… might not be one of his greatest).

Extra cute moment bonus points: Picturing Just Sam in her little LA place with just her and her Bible. Oh, and the fact she is still appreciating all the new things she sees … look, guys! Palm trees!

7. Julia Gargano – New York State of Mind

Julia Gargano singing at home for Idol Top 10
Julia Gargano puts us in a New York state of mind.. even if it’s from her crispy white bedroom. Pic credit: ABC

Julia should probably be higher on this list, but this is the problem we run into when all of these kiddos are just so darn good! Yippee-skippee! Golly gee, Wally!

Not much to elaborate on Julia tonight except that she also looks stunning with her hair completely up and that her vocals are killer. Flawless, in fact.

I don’t even think I have a “cute” moment for her. She was simply elegance, class, grace, and all those other adjectives under the stars that Luke rattled off … I agree.

Wait. She gets major bonus points for her puns this evening! Told ya that girl doesn’t take herself too seriously — making her even more likable.

8. Jonny West – Faithfully

Margie Mays in front of Jonny's camera giving a thumbs up
Margie Mays is definitely forever yours, Jonny. Even if she’s in front of your ring light. Pic credit: ABC

So tonight I learned that Jonny spells his name with no “h” … fitting for the man who favors color-block patterned sweaters and slicked-back hair.

If only we could do something about that Margie who keeps plugging her mug in his screentime … ah well, guys. He’s quarantined at her place. He seems to dig her. And even Katy is now drinking the kool-aid of their romance.

Being that tonight’s episode has me feeling all happy and sweet inside, I’ll just go ahead and say it.

Nah. I can’t. Margie. This is Jonny’s moment, mmm-k? You had your shot. Now, I say this lovingly, of course. Faithfully, even. Ah, help me out, guys.

Extra cute moment bonus points: Margie Mayes helping Jonny. (Man, those were some hard words to write. But who am I to deny love. Katy, you got any more of that kool-aid!?)

9. Louis Knight – In My Place

Louis Knight did nothing wrong tonight to deserve this low landing. He just went first, and, well, sometimes first is just forgettable.

Bobby Bones coined Louis a “heartthrob,” but my heart beats only for Arthur. (A gal has to stay faithful!)

Extra cute moment bonus points: Louis delivering pizzas to the needy and his sister saying she loves waking up to him singing every day. Ahhhhhhh.

10. Dillon James – Yesterday

Unfortunately, our spiritual cowboy Dillon James just couldn’t deliver on this Beatles song tonight. It was the only performance where I got up and cleaned up my kitchen.

That tells me something.

I did jot in my notes “a little too quick” and “wish he would have taken more liberties with it.”

As if she just read my notes, Katy tells him to “paint beyond the lines” while Luke notes, “slow it down” next time you sing that song.

Lizzie is over here thinking, “Damn! I should be the next Idol judge!” Good job, me! You did good too, Dillon.

Extra cute moment bonus points: He did have some! Well, more like his mom who was just so happy to have her son (who has battled addiction) back. “I feel like I have my family back!”

The Judges Save Makayla Phillips

Makayla Phillips singing on her porch
Makayla Phillips gets the Judges’ Save of the night, getting her into the Idol “Top 10.” Pic credit: ABC

Just as I was extremely happy with this Top 10, noting “no divas,” the judges save Makayla Phillips.

Listen. I’ve got no beef with Makayla. It’s just that I want her to take the judges’ advice throughout the night, and that is to be yourself! I’m not convinced she has been her authentic self thus far.

But what do I know.

Makayla showed a “sweeter” side tonight — as sweet as one could show in a sheath black mini on the backporch — singing The House that Built Me.

What makes me happy about Makayla still being here is that she does have a solid voice with a ton of range, and she fulfills more of a pop star slot.

Not to mention, she has natural beauty. So there’s that.

So what do you think of our Top 10, errr Top 11? Are you as happy as I am? America nailed it!

What about Bobby Bones? As Randy Jackson used to say, “for me,  for you — not for nothing, dawg,” but I need more meat on those mentorship “bones.”

I mean, Charlie Puth gave me more value in his little clip on how to get artist identity. (Just switch up the chord variation?)

Back to Stevie and those dah-dah-dahs. I hope he’s penning the new coronation song! Lord knows we need the help.

Speaking of which, the finale is already two weeks away! Say what?! Til next week, my Idol-Addicts!

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