American Idol finalist announces she is moving to Los Angeles to pursue career

Leah Marlene singing on American Idol
Leah Marlene singing on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Leah Marlene picked up a lot of fans thanks to her appearance on American Idol.

She came in as the “weird” girl, but there was much more to her story.

Leah is someone who has suffered through bouts of depression and had to pick herself up and push herself through those dark moments.

While some fans seemed irritated by her over-excited personality, she proved that she was the real deal with some amazing performances and a genuine appreciation for the fans who supported her.

Based on her recent comments, Leah is preparing for the next step of her career.

Leah Marlene said she is moving to Los Angeles

When Noah Thompson won, he said he was ready to go back home and admitted that he was likely never going to leave his small-town life, even though he wanted to start his musical career.

Leah is from Normal, Illinois, a small town with only 52,000 people in it. However, she is leaving the small-town life behind.

Leah is moving to Los Angeles.

In a recent Instagram post, Leah said she just spent a few weeks in Nashville; she returned home to Normal to spend quality time with her dogs.

“I wrote some tunes, met some peeps, and started to get some pieces organized of this crazy post-Idol puzzle,” Leah wrote.

She then said she was about to head to Europe next week, and then she will move to Los Angeles the week after that. She is also about to turn 21.

“What a wild time to be alive. It has been an incredibly bizzare, exciting, frustrating, roller coaster of a month filled with all the growing pains,” Leah wrote. “I know that this chapter is laying the foundation for something so beautiful to come and I am leaning into every moment of it. Thanks for being patient with me as I sort out LYFE.”

She finished up by saying she was currently planning some concerts for her fans.

Jay Copeland also getting started with career

Jay Copeland didn’t get past the top 7, but he is really getting his mojo thanks to opening for a Hall of Fame R&B legend last week.

Jay got to open in his home of Salisbury, Maryland, for Patti LaBelle.

LaBelle was part of the group that made the song Lady Marmalade, and she is in the Grammy Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame.

This was a huge opportunity for the American Idol alumni.

“Thank you Ms. Patti Labelle!” he wrote in the caption of a photo he posted of him and the R&B legend at the show.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to ABC in 2023.

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