American Idol fans redeem two singers who missed the cut last week

Mike and Jay on American Idol top 14 week
Mike and Jay on American Idol top 14 week. Pic credit: ABC

Last week on American Idol, the fans voted for the top 10 out of the 24 remaining singers.

Luckily, the judges also got four votes as well and saved two of the better singers that somehow missed the cut.

Those two singers redeemed themselves this week and got the fans back on their side to move on in the competition.

Here is a look at the two singers that America redeemed after almost missing the cut last week.

Jay Copeland held on to his Platinum Ticket chances

This season, it seems the new Platinum Tickets might backfire on some strong singers.

The judges gave out three Platinum Tickets, allowing three singers to skip one round in Hollywood Week. It also showed who the judges felt were the strongest singers in the competition.

However, one of the Platinum Ticket holders quit the competition when Kenedi Anderson went home.

Then, a second of the ticket holders struggled to keep fans on his side. While Jay Copeland has an amazing voice, he wasn’t picking the best songs, and it seemed that some fans were holding his Platinum Ticket against him after their favorites left the show.

Last week, he wasn’t in the top 24, but the judges saved him for another round.

He then turned in his two best performances of the season.

Jay sang Imagine Dragons Believer for the judges save, and then he came out in the top 14 and sang Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

Lionel Richie said it was a perfect song for him, and the fans agreed, voting him on to the top 11.

Mike Parker brings fans back to his country music journey

Mike Parker pulled a lot of heartstrings in Hawaii when he met Jimmie Allen and told the country superstar that he looked up to him as proof that someone who looked like him could be a star too.

However, fans didn’t vote for him in the top 24, and he had to fight for his survival. He sang WildHeart’s Bed on Fire, and the judges saved him.

Things changed in the top 14.

Mike Parker sang Hurricane by Luke Combs, and the fans voted for him to go through.

What changed was that country music fans seemed to switch their votes from Dan Marshall to Mike Parker because Dan went home after being safe last week.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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