Amelia Fatsi posts snow day photo with mystery man and MAFS fans have questions

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi has MAFS fans wondering if she’s seeing someone. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amelia Fatsi and ex-husband Bennett Kirschner became one of the most beloved couples both from their MAFS season and within the entire MAFS franchise. 

Unfortunately, despite both saying yes on Decision Day, Bennett and Amelia eventually chose to get a divorce. 

Amelia and Bennett are some of the least active MAFS stars on social media, so neither has made any blatantly public statements on their divorce. This has led some fans to still think they’re together or at least hope the two can rekindle the spark they found during Married at First Sight Season 11. 

However, those hoping Amelia and Bennett would find their way back to one another became worried when Amelia’s recent post featured her cuddling up with a mystery man. 

Amelia Fatsi all smiles while embracing a new man 

Amelia Fatsi posted a series of photos from her fun snow day in Girdwood, Alaska. 

It seems Amelia spent the day with friends and potentially even a special someone, although she didn’t confirm that she is, in fact, in a romantic relationship with the mystery man she’s hugging. 

In the first photo that turned heads, Amelia smiles and wears her ski gear on a snowy mountain as she sits on the lap of a bearded man who is also bundled up for the cold weather. 

Amelia captioned the photo, “Scenes from a colorful crew of lounging snow bunnies.”

Interestingly, Amelia doesn’t specify the identity of the man she’s bundled up with, but she does conclude her caption by clarifying that the third photo in her post features a man who was a “new friend I found on the mountain who was somehow dressed in nearly the exact same outfit?!” 

MAFS fans flood Amelia Fatsi’s comment section with questions 

Seeing Amelia with a new man left plenty of MAFS viewers looking for answers and sharing their thoughts on her and Bennett and the potential that Amelia has moved onto someone new. 

One commenter wrote, “Wait…what?? That’s not Benny,” and another commenter asked, “Where’s your husband?” 

Amelia Fatsi comment section
Pic credit: @christina.j.schindler/Instagram

Another commenter voiced their hope for Amelia and Bennett, writing, “How come we are getting no answers on you and Bennett…BUT I STILL HAVE HOPE because typically when there is a Divorce after airing it is broadcasted…so therefore I believe y’all are just separated right now until you finish your inter.”

However, the commenter was informed that the divorce documents were released and Amelia and Bennet’s split has been made official. 

Amelia Fatsi comment section
Pic credit: @latiab_3/Instagram

Referencing the mystery man in the photo, another comment read, “So this is who you left Bennet for,” with a tearful emoji as others also commented with sadness at learning Bennett and Amelia were no longer together.

Amelia Fatsi comment section
Pic credit: @chloeroi/Instagram

Amelia might have moved on from Bennett, but MAFS viewers are clearly still mourning the end of their one-on-a-kind union. Fortunately, Amelia seems to be taking all the commentary in stride and enjoying life. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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