Amelia Fatsi ‘defies gravity’ with boyfriend

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi found new love after divorcing Bennett Kirschner on Married at First Sight Season 11. Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

Amelia Fatsi showed off impressive skills with her new boyfriend, Alexander.

Amelia and Alexander often enjoy flaunting their acrobatic moves as a couple, and their recent post did just that. 

Proving her flexibility and his strength, Amelia balanced on top of Alex for a striking photo. 

The photo is one of many Amelia posts showing the couple in unique positions. 

While many fans were devastated to learn of Amelia’s divorce from MAFS spouse Bennett Kirschner, she appears very happy in her new relationship. 

Amelia also has lots of trust in her boyfriend as she allows him to hold her up in gravity-defying ways. 

Amelia Fatsi and Alexander Bayer defy gravity 

Amelia Fatsi took to Instagram to share a photo and video of her and her boyfriend Alexander in a balancing act. 

In the opening shot, Alexander laid flat on the ground, surrounded by lush grass. Alexander stuck his legs out as Amelia held onto his feet and bent over while balancing on his legs. 

The second slide featured a video showing how Amelia and Alexander pulled off the move. 

The video highlighted Amelia’s flexibility and Alexander’s core strength as she moved across his body to get in position.

The video ended with the couple showing how Amelia could flip out of the position and return to the ground. 

Amelia captained the post, “How to defy gravity.” 

Commenters reacted to the post with awe as one follower wrote, “Omgosh that looks #1 amazing but also like it feels soooo good.” 

Other comments included, “Looks like a knee snapper,” “Very cool !”, “Skills,” “Wizards!!” And “Love you honey book keep being you.” 

Amelia Fatsi's comments
Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

Amelia Fatsi balances on Alexander Bayer’s shoulders for a rainbow shot

Amelia shares lots of photos with Alexander as they show off their acrobatic skills on social media.

In a previous Instagram share, Amelia placed one foot on Alexander’s shoulder and another foot in his hand as she stood up straight with her arms wide open.

Amelia and Alexander flashed their pearly whites with their hands out as they struck the pose in front of a stunning view.

Snapping the shot in Alaska, Amelia and Alexander’s backdrop included a scenic lake, lush trees, greenery, and a vast blue sky with a gorgeous double rainbow.

Amelia captioned the post, “Double rainbow on one side of the sky and fiery orange on the other.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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