Amber Portwood legal drama: Are people turning on Andrew now?

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood’s fans are turning on Andrew. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood is currently trying to keep a low profile as her legal drama continues to play out in the Indiana courts. Amber is accused of attacking her boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete as he was holding their son James.

She had reportedly threatened suicide before her decision to pick up the machete, and she’s being accused of throwing a shoe at Andrew. The fight was reportedly over missing the July 4th fireworks.

But Teen Mom OG fans aren’t so quick to believe the stories that are surfacing about Portwood. In fact, a few people are now revealing that they want to hear Amber’s story because they have a bad feeling about Andrew.

As one person wrote on Twitter, it appears that everyone had reportedly warned Amber about Andrew Glennon before they got together. But it’s possible that no one suspected they would end up on this legal situation, where Amber would be ordered to have no contact with her son.

Another person wrote directly to Amber Portwood, sharing that Amber does have supporters and compared her incident to Jenelle Evans’, claiming that at least it isn’t that bad.

Amber is currently facing felony convictions. If she’s convicted, she could face time behind bars. She could be removed from her son James and her daughter Leah for an extended period of time.

Another person shared that while domestic violence shouldn’t be condoned, Andrew’s reported behavior isn’t okay. Amber’s recent social media posts suggest that Andrew may have been texting another woman behind her back. While she hasn’t confirmed anything, Andrew defended himself, saying the text messages were taken out of context.

MTV is reportedly filming Amber Portwood’s legal drama, including her trips to the local courthouse to document her side of the story.

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