Amber Pike throws shade at Love is Blind: ‘We don’t watch’

Amber Pike IG selfie December 2022
Amber poses for a selfie with her husband and friends for Friendsgiving. Pic credit: @atypicalamber/Instagram

Love Is Blind alum Amber Pike admits that she isn’t a fan of the show that helped her find her husband.

Amber appeared during Season 1 of Netflix’s dating experiment in which she got engaged to Matt Barnett sight unseen.

Amber and Matt met in the pods, formed an intense connection, fell in love, and got engaged without ever having seen each other.

Following their engagement, Amber and Matt met in person for the first time and ended up becoming husband and wife.

Fast-forward four years later, and the couple is still married — but according to Amber, it’s no thanks to Love Is Blind.

In a recent Instagram post, Amber responded to a question from a fan who asked, “Who was your favorite couple from Season 4??”

Season 1 alum Amber Pike puts Love Is Blind on blast

Amber replied, “we don’t watch LIB.”

When the commenter replied that they were “surprised,” noting that’s how she and Matt met and fell in love, Amber wrote back, “we are together IN SPITE of that show not because of it.”

amber pike admitted on instagram that she and matt barnett don't watch love is blind
Amber told a fan that she and Matt don’t watch Love Is Blind. Pic credit: @atypicalamber/Instagram

Amber continued to publicize her disdain for Love Is Blind in another response to a fan’s comment.

amber pike said on instagram that she told love is blind to stay away from her and mike barnett
Amber told another fan that she didn’t want anything to do with making a reappearance on Love Is Blind. Pic credit: @atypicalamber/Instagram

“Did u guys argued with the Show content creators .. or ? Becouse u didn’t Show at the Reunion…” penned another fan of Amber and Matt’s.

amber pike defended mentioning love is blind in her Instagram bio
Amber explained why she mentions Love Is Blind in her Instagram bio. Pic credit: @atypicalamber/Instagram

In response, Amber made it clear that she isn’t a fan of the show when she wrote, “I told them to stay away from us.”

In yet another message pertaining to Love Is Blind, Amber replied to a fan who wanted to know why she mentions Love Is Blind in her IG profile — which reads in part, “Love Is Blind❤️Season☝?” — despite her dislike of the show.

Amber explained that rather than deleting any mention of Love Is Blind, she’s chosen to keep it since it’s “easier than explaining to the millions of new people that visit my page every month ‘yes I’m the amber from that reality show.'”

Following Amber’s recent interaction with Love Is Blind fans, E! News reached out to Netflix for comment, back did not hear back.

Love Is Blind is under fire by former contestants for horrendous filming conditions

Amber isn’t the first Love Is Blind cast member to throw shade at the show and its production. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Season 2 alum Danielle Ruhl and her ex-husband Nick Thompson both alleged that they were deprived of food and sleep and claimed that production ignored their mental health concerns.

Netflix’s production company, Kinetic Content, issued a statement in response to the allegations. The entity told E! News, “The well-being of our participants is of paramount importance to Kinetic. We have rigorous protocols in place to care for each person before, during, and after filming.”

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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