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Amber and Serena on Naked and Afraid: What to know about the ‘Wild Kiwi’ twin sisters from New Zealand

The Wild Twins
Amber and Serena are sisters who are fearless and ready to win the competition for Naked and Afraid. Pic credit: Discovery.

Naked and Afraid Season 11 premiered in early 2020, and changed up its format in significant ways: its survivalist cast members will be familiar, as they’re veterans of the series and/or its spin-off, and they’ll also be alone.

There are pairs of siblings introduced too, the most intriguing to fans being the New Zealand ginger beauties, Amber and Serena, aka The Wild Twins.

Discovery’s Naked and Afraid season 11 features Amber and Serena – aka The Shine Sisters, aka The Wild Twins, who are dropped into the Selati Basin of South Africa for their challenge.

This iteration of Naked and Afraid will be without partners, the exception being the siblings, and all would be surviving for 21 days by themselves and their camera crew.

The press release for season 11 confirmed that four top survivalists returned to the mix. These survivalists include Luke McLaughlin (North Carolina), Gary Golding (California), Lacey Jones (Illinois), and Max Djenohan (Washington).

Naked and Afraid: Siblings: Who are the Wild Twins?

Dropped into the wildlife-rich, Selati Basin, these twins are the first Kiwis to do the challenge.  Their fair red-headed complexions add to the challenges for them.

Their level of fitness is there, but how mentally tough remains to be seen. Based on their worldwide adventures and near-death experiences, they are poised to do well in this competition.

In a profile for New Zealand’s Women’s Day, the two revealed their rocky path to becoming social media stars that chronicle their outdoorsy exploits that include climbing the highest mountains like Everest and jumping out of planes.

Amber (an engineer) and Serena (a glamping business owner) Shine are 28-year-old athletic beauties who hail from Waiuku, New Zealand and post photos of their travels and accomplishments under the nickname The Wild Twins.

They hunt, climb things, and work out like fiends, each being able to deadlift the other twin over her head, not an easy feat for any woman who must train hard to build that upper body strength.

Over five years ago, their path to wild twin glory was hanging in the balance as Serena lay in a hospital bed awaiting an operation, her mobility and ability to walk was on the line.

Injuries have happened to both, with Serena even having a broken back (in two places) from a snowboarding accident.

In the interview, she said:

“I tried to stay really positive throughout recovery, but I was freaking out when I tried to walk for the first time because it felt like the muscles were jiggling and they weren’t attached to my body. “In the end, I spent six months in rehab learning to walk again because all I wanted to do was climb Mount Denali with my sister – I wasn’t letting her go without me!”

In the series, the two twins faced leopards, rhinos, elephants, hippos, and more as they worked together and were vigilant to secure food with their bow hunting skills.

They faced becoming the hunted daily and were keenly aware of how precarious their 21 days were going to be.

Early into the competition, they found a water source where a warthog was frolicking until a huge leopard came on the scene, that “damned leopard” as they called it proved to be a real concern through the filming of the series.

Hunger drove them into the bush to hunt, and they realized early into the competition that this Naked and Afraid challenge wasn’t going to be so easy.

Naked and Afraid airs Sunday on at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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