Amanda Stanton stuns poolside in a strapless bikini to tease ‘something’ is coming

Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton is spending some time relaxing by the pool. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Earlier this week, Amanda Stanton stunned poolside while posing in a strapless bikini, and she certainly got our attention.

In a photo shared on social media, she sat facing the camera with her legs crossed. She wore her blonde hair up in a ponytail, revealing dainty gold earrings and full glam makeup.

Amanda made it clear in the caption that she had a big surprise for her fans, a little something that would help us prepare for the sunny months ahead, telling readers that the big reveal would come on Thursday, May 18.

Well, that day has come, and now, the big reveal is here. This time, it came via a photo from her living room.

In the newest photo shared to Amanda Stanton’s Instagram, she sat in a wicker chair in her undies with a white button-down shirt left unbuttoned and draped off one shoulder, revealing a nude-colored bra.

It also showed off Amanda’s amazing tan — which is the whole point of her recent promotion.

Amanda Stanton reveals latest collab just in time for summer

The former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise babe has gone full influencer in her post-reality TV days — which only makes sense considering she has 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone.

On Thursday, as promised, Amanda took to Instagram with the big reveal, and it turns out she’s got a new collab with Get Into The Limelight, offering up her own tanning drops with hyaluronic acid.

Her latest product is perfect for summer, as promised. It will leave her fans and followers looking and feeling great, especially if they get results anything like what Amanda is showing off with her skin-baring photos lately.

Fans can get excited about the drops, which are hydrating, fragrance-free, and will work on any skin texture and tone.

Get ready because we’re all going to be glowing this summer!

Amanda Stanton explains why she lets her kids curse

Amanda stirred up a bit of controversy with a video earlier this month where she was enjoying a Taylor Swift concert with her daughters.

In the video, Amanda is holding Charlie as they sing along to All Too Well, and when it got to a part with a curse word, Charlie belted that out too — much to the surprise of many of Amanda’s followers who didn’t hold back in the comments.

But Amanda wasn’t phased, and she felt like she needed to tell everyone why she lets her daughters use those kinds of words.

In her Instagram Stories, which have long expired, Amanda wrote that she doesn’t just let her girls walk around dropping “F-bombs” and that she felt like she had to explain herself, given how many comments she saw about her daughter singing the lyric.

She explained, “Because we were at a concert and she was singing/the context, I was like whatever it’s fine! But that instance aside…I curse! So generally I don’t teach them it’s bad to curse. Because why would I teach them it’s a terrible thing to curse only for them to see Michael and I do it all the time? I don’t ever want to instill rules for them that they see me break because then they won’t take me seriously. So I really choose my battles when it comes to rules.”

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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