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Amanda Stanton discusses why she never talks about the father of her two girls

Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton dishes on why she doesn’t talk about her daughters’ dad. Pic credit: ABC

Amanda Stanton made her first Bachelor debut on Season 20 of The Bachelor with the leading man, Ben Higgins.

When she didn’t find love there, she turned to Bachelor in Paradise and went on back-to-back seasons, Seasons 3 & 4, where she did find love, but also later found heartbreak with both relationships.

While Amanda had to leave her two girls, Kinsley and Charlie, on all three occasions for a large amount of time, viewers saw how much she struggled being away from them.

Amanda has since moved on from Bachelor Nation and has found love with her now-fiance, Michael Fogel. But Bachelor Nation has always wondered … Where is the girls’ father, and why hasn’t Amanda ever talked about him?

What did Amanda Stanton have to say about her ex-husband and her daughters’ father?

Amanda and her daughters’ father were only married for three years before they got divorced, and she is now speaking out regarding why she hasn’t spoken about him.

During a question and answer with fans, one person asked Amanda if Kinsley and Charlie have a relationship with their dad, and if so, is it a good one?

Amanda responded by saying, “I avoid these questions because whenever I’ve mentioned anything in the past, it always tends to get picked up by the media and that’s not what I want.”

She continued as she declared, “It’s conflicting because I have so much to say about what I’ve gone through and what I’ve learned that I know I could truly help SO many people (especially single parents), but I have to do what’s best for the girls always and protect my peace, which is most important to me these days.”

Amanda relays that she still stands by what she has said in the past about her ex

Amanda also stated that everything she had said about the girls’ father in the past was true. She also re-stated that she and the girls’ father don’t have a relationship at all, haven’t for over two years, and that she doesn’t think they ever will.

She did say, “I genuinely am always rooting for him and hope it can change one day though … For anyone in a similar situation, I just hope you know you’re not alone and I’m sending you so much love.”

Hopefully, for the sake of the girls, she and her ex-husband can eventually work things out, but for now, it seems like Amanda, Kinsley, and Charlie are happy and will have a new father figure to look up to in Amanda’s fiancé, Michael.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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