Alyssa Ellman shares one of her worse dating experiences

Alyssa Ellman
Alyssa Ellman was married and divorced on Married at First Sight Season 14. Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

Alyssa Ellman had the briefest marriage out of all the cast members on Married at First Sight Season 14.

Alyssa was matched with Chris Collette and was immediately turned off by him on their wedding day.

The pair had a rocky time together during the honeymoon as they struggled to connect and often got into arguments.

After the honeymoon, Chris realized Alyssa had no genuine intention of making their marriage work, and he asked for a divorce.

While getting divorced on national television wasn’t the best experience, Alyssa had more romantic experiences that went sour.

She recently opened up to her followers about one of her worse experiences with a man she was romantically involved with.

Alyssa Ellman details dating an unfaithful man

Alyssa Ellman took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to allow fans to ask her questions.

One fan wanted to know, “Worst relationship or dating story?! Any cowboys on the horizon?”

Alyssa replied by sharing a photo of a mystery man lying on a couch with a dog. Alyssa barely hid his identity with blue scribbles as she wrote about a troubling experience with a man.

Alyssa shared, “This is ONE of many unfortunately…ME: Being so nice because he hurt his ankle, making his ice packs, getting drinks for him, picking up lunch, walking his dog, thinking I met my dream man. HIM: Lying and talking to 20 other girls.”

The MAFS star continued, “I can laugh about this now, then it definitely wasn’t funny. Classic only would happen to my type s**t.”

Alyssa also suggested she could be in for some drama as the man she was referring to still follows her on Instagram and could potentially see her post. She added, “He follows me this should be interesting.”

Alyssa's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

Alyssa Ellman answers more of fans’ questions 

After having a bad reputation on MAFS, one follower wanted to know, “Did being on tv make you realize how many other tv ppl may have been misportrayed?” 

Alyssa answered, “1000% I have a whole different outlook now when I watch reality tv or read articles online. It’s a scary world we live in & it’s not always as it seems. Remember that!”

Alyssa Ellman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

Alyssa was also asked, “Do you regret doing MAFS?” 

Alyssa Ellman's Instagram story
Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

Expressing gratitude, Alyssa stated, “If I had a choice to go back in time I wouldn’t do it. But since that isn’t a choice, I feel thankful for some people I’ve met and for the opportunities that have come from it.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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