Alyssa Ellman in pin-straight hair is ‘depressed’ over fair season

Alyssa Ellman
MAFS star Alyssa Ellman reflects on ‘fair season.’ Pic credit: Lifetime

Alyssa Ellman posed a question to fans while in stylish fall attire. 

Alyssa first debuted on Married at First Sight Season 14 in Boston and had a brief but dramatic time on the show. 

The MAFS star was matched with Chris Collette, and she was instantly turned off by him and refused to give their marriage a chance. 

After Chris attempted to connect with Alyssa at their wedding and on the honeymoon, he realized there wasn’t much hope for their marriage and asked for a divorce. 

With her short chapter on MAFS closed, Alyssa continues to engage with her 9,746k Instagram followers on social media and gives insight into her life and style. 

Alyssa’s recent post received hundreds of likes as well as some comments responding to her question about something she’s seemingly depressed about. 

Alyssa Ellman poses at the fair 

Alyssa Ellman took to Instagram to share her fair photo with followers. 

In the photo, Alyssa sat on top of a blue, white, and orange fair structure while crossing her legs and looking off into the distance. 

Alyssa’s dark tresses were laid straight and parted down the middle, and her makeup included bronzer, blush, a full brow, and a glossy lip.

She wore a white sheer long-sleeve top with an earth-tone garment draped over her shoulders. 

Alyssa paired the look with light blue ripped jeans, a brown belt, subtle jewelry, and of course, a pair of tan cowboy boots. 

The MAFS star geo-tagged the post at Topsfield Fair, and her caption read, “Is anyone else depressed fair season is over? 🎟️.” 

Commenters agreed with Alyssa’s post, with one follower writing, “Yes it’s very depressing.” 

Alyssa replied, “Im glad im not alone in this feeling.” 

Another commenter complimented Alyssa, writing, “Yes [teary-eyed emoji] but outfit is [fire emojis].” 

Another follower commented with a 100 emoji. 

Comments from Alyssa's IG.
Pic credit: @alyssa_rescues/Instagram

Alyssa Ellman enjoyed summer outings with Noi Phommasak

While Alyssa is sad about the end of the fair season, she has plenty of fond summer memories to reflect on. 

Over the summer, Alyssa linked up with MAFS costar Noi Phommasak for several fun outings. 

Alyssa and Noi showed off their bikini style and toned figures for beach days and days by the lake. 

Both Alyssa and Noi’s MAFS experiences ended in divorce, but they appear to be still grateful for the friendships they gained from the show.

Time will tell if the pair has more fun plans and fashionable outfits to show off for fall. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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