Alli Dore and Daisy Kelliher share Below Deck Sailing Yacht behind-the-scenes secrets

What really goes on in the crew confessional interviews? Alli and Daisy weigh in.
Alli and Daisy spill some crazy secrets about the crew’s confessional interviews. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Alli Dore and Daisy Kelliher are sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets from the show.

One thing the ladies made clear is that nothing gets past production because the production team knows everything. They also opened up about what really goes into those confessionals.

What happens in Below Deck Sailing Yacht confessional interviews?

Daisy and Alli got real about filming the crew’s confessional interviews on their Pita Party Podcast that they host with Dani Soares.

Alli compared the experience to being in an interrogation room. The new mom admitted to sweating the entire time she was being questioned.

“I used to sit on that stool in pools of sweat. When I’m in front of the camera and got all those lights on you and you are just sitting there in this stank room for that many hours as well,” Alli expressed.

Although Daisy didn’t sweat, she did declare it took forever to film the interviews. The producers were looking for those witty remarks and wouldn’t stop until they got them.

Daisy recalled getting annoyed when she was asked about Dani Soares wanting to quit over Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux’s chlamydia scare.

“I can see that I’m not getting out of this and time soon. So I was just like, ‘You don’t quit cuz your boyfriend’s penis hurts!'” Daisy laughed.

Alli and Daisy talk Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion secrets

On the Pita Party IG series, again hosted by Dani, Alli, and Daisy, the ladies spilled some tea about the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 reunion.

Daisy and Alli were discussing the Instagram drama between Below Deck Med’s David Pascoe and Delaney Evans. They agreed that it sounds like the feud is building up to an explosive Season 6 reunion show.

The topic had them reminiscing about their reunion. While the ladies felt like they said too much at the virtual chat, Alli also recalled others didn’t speak their minds as planned.

“I feel like at our reunion, there was a build-up as well in our own personal conversations with each other, and I didn’t see as much action as was spoken behind the scenes. And that was kind of, you and I kind of said it afterwards that’s kind of annoying. Okay, we’re the idiots that have like the big fat mouths,” Alli said to Daisy.

The chief stew fully owned looking crazy because she basically told everyone they were “full of s**t.” Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans will recall Daisy was super drunk at the Season 2 reunion.

Daisy also called out people for acting ballsy on social media but then backing down when cameras were rolling. It will be interesting if she feels that way when Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 hits the airwaves.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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