All about Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz’s heated exchange on The Bachelorette

The fight between Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz on The Bachelorette
Jordan Kimball meets Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette. However, his journey to find love will be plagued by another contestant named David Ravitz.

Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz have stolen the show on The Bachelorette, but not in a good way. Unfortunately, Jordan can’t stand David.

David can’t stop pushing Jordan’s buttons. It’s clear that Jordan, also known as the self-centered male model, feels that he’s being targeted by David. He keeps thinking about himself and he simply can’t stand that someone is questioning him. But perhaps David is a bit more focused on Jordan than on Becca Kufrin.

They both came on The Bachelorette to find love, but they can’t seem to look past one another. On tonight’s episode of the show, they finally came face-to-face as they had to fight for Becca’s attention during a two-on-one date.

Before the date happened, Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz were already battling. The day before the date, David kept pushing Jordan’s buttons, asking him if he was going to wear his gold underwear.

It was something Jordan had worn to show his confidence and to break the ice in the house, but Ravitz was surprised, shocked and slightly humiliated that he was in the same box as Jordan. Tensions only escalated when they realized they would be going on the same date, where only one guy would stand firm at the end.

David thought the date would be fun and he was confident that Becca would see Jordan for who he is. Jordan was confident that Becca would see his point of view.

On the date, Becca drove them through the dunes and desert outside of Las Vegas. As soon as David got some alone time, he started bashing Jordan, including how Jordan kept keeping his eye on other women.

When Jordan was confronted by Becca, he denied everything and called David a liar. Jordan flipped out on David, yelling at him.

The core of the story is that Jordan feels he’s a better person than David, which some may feel is correct. But Becca was left behind, questioning whether either of them was the one for her. Ravitz played on one of Becca’s weaknesses, he claimed that Jordan had said that he would be settling.

The whole date turned into a yelling match and Kufrin walked away, saying it was like a childish argument. In the end, Becca sent David home for not opening up enough about him, leaving him in the desert. After having dinner with Jordan – a dinner that included teaching her modeling poses – he was also sent packing.

What do you think of Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz’s drama on The Bachelorette? Do you think it was too much for the show, given it took so much time away from Becca?

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