Alina Kozhevnikova in pink top jokes ‘you didn’t know I looked good or what’

Alina Kozhevnikova
Alina Kozhevnikova served looked along with a sassy statement. Pic credit: @alinakasha/Instagram

Former 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Alina Kozhevnikova has a lot of confidence, and she made that apparent in a recent share.

The 28-year-old Russian native who has dwarfism shared a set of two pictures with her 78,500 Instagram followers.

In the first image, Alina smoldered down the camera lens as she served a stoic and flattering look.

Alina had her light brown hair styled down and framing her face, and she went minimal with her makeup, opting for mascara and a bright red lip.

She wore a tight-fitting bright pink tank top and went with two choker necklaces for accessories.

In the second picture, Alina looked almost the same, only this time, she gave a sassy and more-squinted gaze to the camera.

Alina teased her followers in the caption by remarking, “Leaving these pics here cause everyone seemed to love it too much on my stories… weird tho. You didn’t know I looked good or what.. 🥴🤣.” 

Alina Kozhevnikova moved to Argentina

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, Alina spoke out on social media against Russia’s actions and then moved to Argentina with her best friend, Elijah.

At the beginning of their time in Argentina, Alina and Elijah were staying with different friends after finding it very difficult to secure an apartment. She said whenever they found a place they wanted to reserve, it got swooped up by somebody else. Alina did remark that she still didn’t want to go back to Russia at that time.

Alina seems to have found a place and is settling into her life in Argentina and has been doing her best to learn Spanish by taking classes and immersing herself.

The former TLC star recently shared a life update about being confident in her ability to figure things out and get things done in her new foreign home.

Alina has also spent time traveling in Argentina, with her latest excursion being to Tierra del Fuego.

Alina is a singer and a burlesque dancer

When Alina was on Season 5 of Before the 90 Days, she showcased her singing skills with her band. She performs under the name Babydoller.

She has a highlight Reel on her Instagram dedicated to her singing, and she also has pinned page posts where she is singing into the mic.

Outside of her musical endeavors, Alina enjoys burlesque dancing and has shared some of her performances on Instagram as well.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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