Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven confirms where she lives

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams on Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown and Raiven Adams on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

There have been a lot of rumors about Raiven Adams and Alaskan Bush People.

There were many people who said they saw her back in Loomis, where the Brown family lives. Then Bear Brown said on the show that his son was coming to see him.

More recently, Bear and Raiven posted a TikTok video promising to help one family this Christmas.

Most fans believed that Raiven was back for good now and was working on her relationship with Bear once again.

Now, Raiven has confirmed where she lives.

Raiven says she is back with Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People

The relationship between Bear Brown and Raiven Adams has been up and down over the years.

She even left and went to Texas, moving far away from Bear with their son.

However, with the rumors she was back and the Christmas message, Raiven is now admitting that she is, in fact, back to living with Bear once again.

This came in an Instagram Q&A with fans on her Instagram Live.

When asked if she was going to live off the grid, like Billy Brown and his family always have on Alaskan Bush People, Raiven answered honestly.

“I don’t think we will live as off the grid as Billy did but we definitely want to live as close to it as we can,” Raiven said.

Raiven then revealed that she and Bear planned to build a house for their small family and she said it would be on the Mountain.

Raiven and Brown rekindled relationship for Alaskan Bush People

The truth about Bear Brown and Raiven’s relationship on Alaskan Bush People is complicated.

Raiven admitted back in September that she was giving Bear Brown a second chance and hoped their “love story” would work out this time around.

Raiven and Bear broke up in April after a few years together. They then had a lot of conflict after this concerning their son, but it looks like things are back to a more positive note again.

Raiven said on TikTok that she is no longer living in Texas and she has been with Bear in Loomis. A fan also said they saw her around town.

It appears that the next time that Alaskan Bush People airs, Raiven will likely find herself as a main cast member again.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The next season should arrive sometime in 2022.

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