Alaskan Bush People’s Rain claims Billy Brown still communicates with her through the radio

Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown died earlier this year following a stroke and that moment just played out this month on the reality TV show.

According to Bear Brown, the family wanted to ensure that the death and their reactions to it played out on the show so that their fans could mourn his death with them.

“We think that the fans and everyone that loves the show deserves to see everything and to see his funeral and all,” Bear said. “We discussed whether or not to include it and we felt like we should include it for sure because we believe that is what Dad would want.”

However, it seems that one of the Brown siblings is still having a tough time dealing with the loss of their dad.

Rain Brown has said that Billy still communicates with them after his death through the radio.

Rain Brown said Billy is still with them on Alaskan Bush People

Rain Brown, 18, lost her father and still feels his absence as she moves on after his passing.

However, she does believe that her dad is still communicating with the family from the afterlife.

She said that he gives them all “signs from beyond” months after his death.

Rain spoke to Hollywood Life about her dad’s death and made the comments in that interview.

“He absolutely gives me signs from beyond. 100 percent,” Rain said. “Some of these signs are so blatantly obvious and theses signs happen to all of us almost every day.”

She said that it gives her comfort knowing that he is always there with her.

Rain said Billy Brown sends messages through the radio

When describing what the signs are that he sends to her, she mentions that it is through the radio.

“He comes through on the radio,” Rain said. “It’s so strange because, even on the stations that don’t usually play this kind of music, I will turn on that station, or be flipping through the channels, you hear Stevie Ray on a station that does not play that kind of music.”

That convinced her that it was her father sending messages through the songs.

Rain also said that a song would come on the radio that describes something happening in her life, and she is sure it is her dad sending it to her.

“It will come on at the exact moment I am thinking about it or thinking about him,” Rain said. “It is too strange to be coincidence.”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. Season 14 should arrive sometime in 2022.

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