Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown sends a message out to the bullies of the world

Rain Brown targets bullies on Instagram
Rain Brown targets bullies on Instagram. Pic credit: @heroofkirkwell/Instagram

One thing that celebrities have to deal with every day is online bullying from trolls who like to send insults via social media.

It is even harder when the celebrities are children or were children when they started their lives in the world of reality TV.

These kids usually followed their parents into the world of television and when they became teenagers and young adults, they had to face online criticism simply because of the fact they are on television.

This is true for the Alaskan Bush People siblings, and especially for the younger of the kids.

Rain Brown finally got tired of it and launched a pointed message at online trolls.

Alaskan Bush People’s Rain blasts online bullies

Rain Brown posted a series of photos on Instagram and then revealed she was doing this as a test.

The first photo was from her brother Bear’s wedding. The second was Rain sticking her tongue out and leaving the hashtag #leavemytonguealone with the image.

In a third post, she showed both photos. The wedding photo had 48,000 likes. The tongue selfie had 17,000 likes. However, the striking message was that the negative comments were raised by 85%.

This was a social experiment by Rain Brown that proved her point.

Many of the messages on the tongue photo mentioned her tongue. Some of these were concerns, with commenters thinking there might be a medical problem Rain should get checked out. Others had negative things to say about her tongue and others complained that she held her fingers in the “devil sign.”

Regardless of the meanings, these people didn’t read the hashtag where Rain specifically asked people not to judge her tongue, and she had enough.

Rain said she didn’t care what people think of her or her tongue, but pointed out that the fact people think it is okay to judge people online is a serious problem, especially for people who face depression and are self-conscious already.

Rain Brown speaks up for the bullied

In Rain’s post, she spoke out against the bullies and then spoke up for the bullied.

“I have to say truly it doesn’t bother me at all,” Rain wrote. “I only have one person to impress and his name is Jesus, but as for others I do think this is something we need to talk about.”

Rain went on to say there are both grown adults and young girls and boys that take these comments seriously. Rain rightly called this bullying.

“Someday it will be said to someone that is hanging on by a thread and that one word could be enough to end their life,” Rain pointed out. “Read the news, look up Statistics, open your ears and eyes. I have a beautiful life a wonderful family and friends I would die for, I genuinely think I am beautiful and I know I have a good soul and I try to make God proud every day, for me. That’s more than enough.”

“But others may have low self esteem or are lost in that moment, like I have been in the past. Especially when we are talking about things people can’t change such as our body’s, weird is BEAUTIFUL fat is BEAUTIFUL fit is BEAUTIFUL because you are BEAUTIFUL!”

Rain went on to say she loves her “weird tongue” and she hopes that people who face bullies can use her as an example of how to love themselves anyway.

“If you’re reading this and you are someone who bully’s I hope my words touched you in some way and you learn to love others and yourself as you should,” Rain finished.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The reality series will return to Discovery later in 2022.

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