Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown lashes out at t-shirt company

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

The cast of Alaskan Bush People has always made it clear that they are devout Christians, although they do not normally wear their Christianity on their sleeves for the world to see.

However, while there have been several moments where fans might question their sincerity, whether it be Bear Brown’s legal problems or Matt Brown’s struggles with addiction, one member has never wavered in her message.

Rain Brown has always been outspoken about her love of God, and recently she couldn’t hold back when she saw a t-shirt a company was selling online.

As a result, she lashed out at the company in a post with a lengthy rant about what she felt was a horrible message being sent.

Rain Brown lashes out at t-shirt company

Rain Brown took to Instagram with what she saw was an “important post.” While she had a shocked-looking dog in the main picture, she asked her fans to swipe on the photo and see what she was upset about.

“Let’s talk about this,” Rain wrote at the start of her message. “Im fine with anything anyone wants in their life. Everything but this.”

The picture was an advertisement for a t-shirt. On the front was a barbed-wire heart with red hands with long pointed nails forming a heart inside it. The shirt had the words, “Satan Loves You For Who You Are.”

This was what upset Rain.

“I have nothing bad to say about the clothing company that sells this shirt, they have some cute clothes, but! I do want to talk about what’s on this shirt,” she wrote.

“We are upset the world is filled with violence and rape and murder and greed, but yet we let our kids wear shirts that say satan loves you?”

Rain gives her thoughts about the message on the shirt

Rain then explained that if a person believes in Satan, they have to believe in God because the Bible is where the writings about Satan originated. Rain then went on with her thoughts on why Satan and Hell exist and what role God played in them.

“Hell was not created for us. Hell was created for satan, it is satan that drags you to hell, not God that sends you there,” Rain finished. “God loves you always. That’s why he will always forgive you. Please be aware of what is going on inside you and around you.”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. There is no word on when or if the reality show will return to Discovery.

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2 years ago

I would like to see you and your siblings, and AMI, on tv w/ life situations. You are an interesting family, thankyou for sharing parts of your lives..!!!! Linda W.