Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown debuts surprising new look

Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @heroofkirrkwell/Instagram

The Alaskan Bush People siblings have started to show a new side thanks to social media since the passing of their father Billy early in 2021.

Some of the Brown kids are coming out of their shell lately and offering fans new looks at themselves on Instagram and TikTok.

Bam Bam Brown has gone from the shy, silent one to a TikTok sensation. Matt Brown continues to take fans along on his road to recovery in his Instagram videos.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown are taking fans along on their reunion and family life on both Instagram and TikTok.

Now, Rain Brown has debuted a striking new look on her Instagram page.

Rain Brown shows transformation on Instagram

Discovery Channel viewers have watched Rain Brown grow up on Alaskan Bush People alongside her siblings and her parents, Billy and Ami Brown.

Rain is the youngest sibling in the wolf pack and struggled hard when her dad died.

Rain surprised her 337,000 Instagram followers when she posted a new filtered photo on the social media platform, showing her new look.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had a trip to selfie town,” she wrote with the hashtags #abp, #selfie, and #blondeshavemorefun.

She wasn’t finished there, either, as she returned a few days later with a non-filtered photo, showing off her new blonde hair with the snowy mountain behind her.

Her fans were on board.

“Girl, you look good as either a brunette or blonde! It doesn’t matter! You can TOTALLY rock each color! (I wonder how you’d look as a redhead….. ?),” one fan posted.

Rain Brown
Pic credit: @heroofkirrkwell/Instagram

“Hey I love your hair! You look SO amazing!! Thanks for going to selfie town! It’s a beautiful picture!” another posted.

Rain Brown
Pic credit: @heroofkirrkwell/Instagram

Bam Bam also showing a different side on social media

Rain’s brother Bam Bam Brown has always been the careful, silent type.

However, he is now on TikTok and is letting fans know more about himself with videos showing him working on the ranch.

Most of Bam Bam’s TikTok videos have him taking Alaskan Bush People fans around North Star Ranch.

He films different animals, including Brutus the Texas Longhorn, and often shows fans a glimpse at his day working on the ranch.

Bam Bam even uses the trending tracks in his TikTok videos, showing he has a strong grasp of the platform and what can help his posts go viral with a wider audience.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The show should return sometime in 2022 to Discovery.

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