Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown announces new baby with lots of pictures

Rhain Brown with baby Adam on Alaskan Bush People
Rhain Brown with baby Adam on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @noah_d_and_rhain_alisha/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People fans are looking at Bear Brown’s son River, especially with the boy coming to visit on the show.

However, another Brown sibling has just welcomed a new baby into the world.

Noah Brown just welcomed his second child into the world with his wife Rhain.

Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown welcomes son Adam

Alaskan Bush People’s Noah Brown and his wife Rhain announced the birth of their second son, Adam.

The reveal came on Instagram last week.

The couple shares an Instagram account and had a ton of pictures of the new baby they shared there.

The first post came on October 30.

“Let me introduce to you The one and only Adam Brown Of Alaskan Bush People’s lonely Hearts Club Band,” the caption read.

It revealed the boy’s name is Adam Bishop Brown. He was born on October 30 and was 9 lbs, 1 oz, and 21 1/2 inches long.

Noah and Rhain happy for Alaskan Bush People

A second photo cam the next day.

“Adam is enjoying his morning nap, and I am enjoying some really good baby cuddles,” the caption read.

Noah and Rhain then went into detail about what it means to have another son but lamenting that this one will never know grandpa Billy Brown.

“Having another son really makes me think about Da and how Adam won’t have any personal memories with him,” they wrote. “That is one reason that I am so thankful for the the TV show and why I am so grateful to our Discovery Channel Family for giving us the opportunity to show people that never had a chance to meet Da, just how wonderful of a person he was.”

They then mentioned how Adam could get to know his grandpa in the future.

“Someday Adam will be able to watch the show and get to know his GrandDa. So until then I hope that everyone enjoys the new episode of Alaskan Bush People this Sunday night.”

The next photos arrived later in the week, with Eli and Adam spending sleeping time together.

“Warning. Cuteness overload!,” they wrote. “And this is just the beginning of Rhain and I posing Eli and Adam together in super Cute and adorable ways, stay tuned.”

Also, knowing how toxic social media is — especially with mommy-shamers, they added a disclaimer.

“We always practice safe sleep,” they wrote. “Eli fell asleep on the couch with his moose and we moved the moose to put Adam in its place, we moved Adam right after we took the pictures and gave Eli his moose back.”

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery.

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