Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown opens up about his dad Billy Brown’s death

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Fans have watched Billy Brown and his family live off the land for seven years now on Alaskan Bush People, and now the fans had to say goodbye.

Billy Brown died earlier this year and tonight is when Discovery played that episode that Alaskan Bush People viewers have been dreading but knew would be a part of this current season.

Heading into the special episode, Bear Brown had a lot to say about his dad and moving on without him.

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown talks losing dad

Bear Brown talked to Entertainment Weekly about losing his dad and talked about how they were holding up on Alaskan Bush People.

“I took it pretty hard. We all did, really, because Da’s passing was pretty unexpected,” Bear said. “Everyone I passed on the road or saw me in a store would give me condolences and say how sorry they were.”

Bear mentioned how he realized that this was more than just the family losing their dad because everyone who watched the show loved Billy Brown.

“And it’s hard,” Bear continued. “I’ve been trying to just keep as strong as I can with both my family and the public. Mom has actually been the stone — she’s been the strongest, to be honest. I have broken down a couple of times in tears and stuff.”

Billy Brown’s last wish

This season on Alaskan Bush People, fans have watched Billy Brown with a very different outlook than what the family was seeing when they filmed it.

While the family followed Billy’s orders throughout the season, fans at home began to suspect that the Alaskan Bush People patriarch knew that he was going to die soon and was preparing his family for the future without him.

Billy even mentioned something about not living forever just days before he died.

Bear Brown said that his dad has a last wish and the family will keep that wish going on Alaskan Bush People.

“Da had been talking to everyone about the plan [to rebuild]. And then, Da’s passing just made us want to keep going with the dream, of course — trying to build up the ranch and get everything fixed,” Bear said. “It gave us something to do instead of just sitting around and moping.”

He said this is all on his mother now, but everyone wants to help.

“We try and help and stuff, Bear said. “It’s kind of nice having so much to do, to be honest, because it’s honoring Da as well. It was literally his last wish, his final dream, to continue building up the ranch and get it sustainable for generations of Browns to come.

“Somewhere you can just live and not really depend on other people, except for your family.”

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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