Alaskan Bush People’s Bam honors his dad on anniversary of Billy’s death

Bam Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bam Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @respectthedanger/Instagram

It has been one year since Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown died.

While Alaskan Bush People fans are still sad about his passing, his family is now dealing with the anniversary of his death.

All of his kids have dealt with the loss in various manners, and Bam Brown is no different.

Bam Brown on coping with Billy’s death

Bam Brown was primarily quiet while dealing with his dad’s death. This is no surprise, as Bam was always someone who didn’t talk quite as much as his siblings.

Billy died on February 8, 2021, following a seizure, and it changed the Brown family’s life forever.

However, Bam does things his own way, and on the first anniversary of his dad’s death, Bam released a beautiful shot of the sky with the hashtag #respectthedanger.

It was a nice way to show how he sees things when he thinks about his dad, likely showing he knows Billy is watching down on him without saying anything.

Bear and Matt Brown both honor their dad

Each of the Brown siblings dealt with the anniversary in their ways.

While Bam just showed an image of the sky on the anniversary of Billy’s death, Bear actually had a lot to say about the anniversary.

“One year ago today I lost my Dad, Da, to be honest it hasn’t gotten any easier without him, I still miss him just as much,” Bear wrote on the post.

“In truth nothing eases the pain, I just try to be the best I can for those around me and I’m trying to enjoy every moment of every day that I have with the ones I love! Life is far too short to take for granted the time we have!”

“Live, love, laugh, be free and remember you never know when it’s the last time you’ll see someone you care about, or when it might be your last day! Don’t take it for granted. God bless.”

Bear Brown IG
Pic credit: @bearbrownthekingofextreme/Instagram

As for Matt, the estranged sibling in the Brown family, he honored his dad with a special memory.

Matt pulled out a little yellow ducky and showed it in a special video on Instagram.

“When my dad would be in a really good mood over something going just right, he would always sing the rubber ducky song, from Sesame street,” Matt wrote. “‘Rubber ducky you’re the one, Rubber ducky you make bath time lots of fun’ lol :)”

“Now days I catch myself doing it sometimes haha. I hope everyone is doing well out there I’m doing well here.”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The reality series should return to Discover later in 2022.

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Kathleen Babcock
Kathleen Babcock
2 years ago

I love this show I do wonder what happened to the older young man . I’m no good at names.