Alaskan Bush People’s Bam Bam Brown reveals details of relationship with girlfriend Allison Kagan

Bam Bam with Allison Kagan and, inset, the boat they are renovating together. Credit: Bam Bam Brown

Alaskan Bush People’s Joshua Bam Bam Brown has revealed details of his relationship with his girlfriend Allison Kagan — including how long they’ve been dating and what been doing in their time together.

Bam Bam told fans how he and Allison — who is a former producer on the Discovery show — have been together for a year now after getting together in November 2016.

He said the pair were just friends when they previously visited New York together that summer. However, the trip sowed the seed for what they’re now spending their time doing — renovating a ferry boat together!

Bam Bam and Alli bought the vessel in November last year, around the time they got together and after he left the show. It reportedly used to be called the Osprey but the couple have changed the name of the boat to Fathom This.

They have even set up a Twitter page for the boat where they are posting regular pictures about its progress, and showing them working on the interior and outside spaces. The pair later plan to live on it.

Bam Bam said on Facebook: “Hey ya’ll! Since everyone keeps asking, Alli and I have been dating for a year (November 2016). When I visited New York that summer we were still just friends.

“The boat idea came to us when we were on the Staten Island ferry…and how cool it would be to have a space that large and also be on the water!”

He then told how Alli found the ferry just before it was going to be sold for scrap, and said renovating it is turning out to be a “blast”. He also revealed how his dad Billy is going to help the couple with the plumbing on the boat.

Bam Bam said: “Alli has great artistic vision and huge plans for the renovation. My dad is excited to help us with the plumbing, and the rest of the family can’t wait to come aboard.

“We are excited for you to follow her progress…and unveil her when she is finally finished!”

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