Alaskan Bush People: Raiven and Bear post moving birthday tribute to Ami

Bear Brown shared a picture of his mother on her birthday. Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Over the weekend, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams from the Alaskan Bush People posted a loving tribute to the reality star’s mother, Ami Brown. The picture came just a few short months after her husband, Billy Brown’s death.

The newly reconciled couple posted the 58th birthday celebration to their respective Instagram pages, where pictures showed Ami holding her grandson, River. 

Both Raiven and Bear stood on either side of the Alaskan Bush People widow as she stood proudly in the middle, holding onto her grandbaby. 

Bear captioned his family snap writing, “I’d like to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! Don’t know what I’d do without her! Happy Birthday, Mom! I’m lucky to have you still and very lucky to have my lovely lady and son by my side too!”

Raiven doted on her mother-in-law

Raiven shared the same exact photo but instead wrote, “Happy Birthday to this beautiful woman hope you have an amazing day! Hopefully, you enjoy the food. I did my best! ? we love you to the moon and back.”

The golden balloons swirled around the birthday girl’s head as viewers were well aware that it is very rare that Ami shares any photos of herself on social media.

Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

Trying times for the Alaskan Bush People family

Ami has been dealing with the loss of Billy Brown since last February after he died from a seizure on top of their mountain homestead. At the time, Bear was the first Brown to confirm that their father and leader had passed away. 

Pic credit: @raiv3n_mari397/Instagram

This past June, Bear penned an emotional note to his father on his own birthday, saying, “Today is my 34th birthday!”

The king of extreme sported a tuxedo as he continued to share, “Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday I was a kid running wild in Alaska, hunting, fishing, surviving, but also living and loving life in a world that seems very different from mine today!”

Pic credit: @BearBrownkingofextreme/Instagram

As for Ami, she has been granted permission to take over Billy’s estate but has also found that her late husband was being sued for voiding a contract he signed with a Tennessee doctor. 

Lawyers for the family are currently pleading with a judge to dismiss the case. Until the courts decide their verdict, the entire Wolf Pack will just have to sit tight and see what will happen to their father’s estate.

The Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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