Alaskan Bush People on the move: Browns get tattoos as they leave LA

Billy Brown from Alaskan Bush People gets a tattoo
Billy Brown from Alaskan Bush People gets his tattoo. Credit: @Generation8Tattoo/Instagram

Members of the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People have celebrated leaving LA with a visit to a tattoo studio — on what was reported to be their final day in the city.

Billy Brown and two of his sons, Gabe and Bear, visited Generation8Tattoo in Los Angeles.

Billy got an inking on his shoulder reading: “Not all who wander are lost. Stay the course.”

Meanwhile, Generation8Tattoo’s owner Dave H. told Radar Online that Gabe got one of a treble clef on his hand.

Dave added that the Browns said they were there on their final day in LA. He said: “They said they were leaving very soon. They didn’t mention where they were going, but of course, Bear said he wanted to go climb some buildings before they left.”

Pictures of the Brown family getting their tattoos

The studio and the artist who did Billy’s tattoo, who uses the handle Chawat, posted several pictures of the Browns’ visit to Generation8Tattoo on their Instagram pages.

Owner Dave also put up a video of him with the trio.

It’s thought the family may have now left LA, after both Bear and sister Rain posted pictures on their social media profiles over the past few days showing them apparently on the move.

Where are the Alaskan Bush People moving to?

It is thought the family are likely traveling to Colorado where they previously revealed they plan to set up a new permanent home.

They left Alaska and moved to LA at the end of the last season of Alaskan Bush People so matriarch Ami Brown could undergo treatment for cancer. We told earlier this month how doctors have since found her to be cancer-free.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Alaskan Bush People will return for Season 8, and if it does whether it will keep the same name.

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