Alaskan Bush People fans slam Brown family ‘haters’

The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People, who have faced criticism but are much-loved by their fans
The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People, who have faced criticism but are much-loved by their fans

Fans have rallied to the defence of the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People — after others branded it “fake” and called for it to be taken off air.

The Discovery series has long been plagued by claims that it is “fake” in the way it portrays the Brown family struggling to live off the land — and that the family are well off financially.

But after the so-called “haters” targeted a string of recent posts on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page, fans have taken to the comments in their hordes to back the family — saying they love it for what it is.

One said: “I love the show. Real or fake.”
Comment on Alaskan Bush People Facebook page

Another added: “It’s “entertainment”, produced by the entertainment industry. And it’s enjoyable as just that, “entertainment”! Most don’t care what’s in the Brown’s closets or under their rugs, as it just “entertainment”.

“Do you think the production crew is upset by all the “naysayers” their show has generated? Not at all.”

Facebook comment

Another added: “They have more people who like their program then those who don’t.”

Facebook comment

Others praised the Brown family for their hard work-ethic, both on their land and in making the show. One said: “Fake or not these guys are making more money than most of us are.”

Facebook comment

Many also branded the show “refreshing”. One said: “Most of TV is what’s the big deal….even news is fake today…just a good clean family show. I find it refreshing and enjoy it.”

Facebook commentThe retaliation comes after a string of negative articles and videos in the past, including the one below, which has led to people criticising the show online.

One critic said: “The Browns are the lamest thing on tv…they couldn’t survive a night in a camp ground let alone Alaska. They need to go.”

Facebook comment

Another said the way the family were portraying themselves was “dishonest”. They wrote: “I don’t “hate” the Browns. I dislike, however, their portrayal of an “Alaskan Bush Family”. That is just wrong and dishonest to the viewers.”

Facebook comment

One said: “This show is becoming so obviously fake now. No one living in the bush would be so goofy.”

Facebook comment

A special episode of Alaskan Bush People, Heart of the Brown’s, airs tonight at 9/8c on Discovery.

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